Fine Yellow Cameroon Pawpaw: Actress/Producer, Stephanie Tum Glows In New Photos

Stephanie Tum (Actress/Producer)
Stephanie Tum (Actress/Producer)

“Shine like Ripe Paw Paw” Beautiful Actress/Producer Stephanie Tum shares prepossessing photos glowing in Ankara. The C.E.O. of Embii Production never disappoints when it comes to fashion and has always been a red carpet slayer for most premiere; reasons why she has a growing fan base. 

The producer of the critically acclaimed movie “Saving Mbango” took to her Social Media page to share new glowing photos of herself in the USA. 

Stephanie Tum 0Stephanie Tum 1Stephanie Tum 2Stephanie Tum 3Stephanie Tum 4Stephanie Tum 5Stephanie Tum 6Stephanie Tum 7Stephanie Tum




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