[Evidence] Apostle Lefor Divine and Wife Lefor Ruth RAPED


A few days ago, we shared an article about a popular Buea Prophet and wife Lefor Divine and Lefor Ruth who raped a church member, some people accused us of being paid to tarnish the name of a man of God(god).

Some of you have to understand that, coming out to share a rape experience is not “bonbon”… it’s not as easy as you nonvictims will sit in your houses and think!!! It entails a lot of courage, braveness, boldness, and determination. I’m sure some of you have heard stories of being who was raped and they couldn’t take it, they committed suicide, some went mad, some became prostitutes while some became lesbians. Look around you, go to those prostitutes, lesbians, the family of mad people just try to know why they do what they did today or why they are who they are today. I am 100% sure out of 100 you will have at least 20 cases. So don’t blame that poor girl, don’t curse her, don’t insult her !! It’s not easy…instead, guide, protect,  encourage and help her get over the trauma.

A lot of women in our society are being abused, insulted, humiliated and disrespected every day by “Men” but they can’t say anything because some are scared they will be laughed at, some scared they won’t believe them, some scared they might be accused of being paid to tarnish a figure. So, they sit quiet and die slowly. But not anymore… it’s high time women be treated with respect!!! It’s high women not let men not take advantage of them in charge of a favor or whatever. Not anymore!!! Women learn to stand up for yourselves !!!.

These screenshots compiles of conversations between me and other church members, Church members with other church members, messages from Lefor Ruth to Victim who later forwarded to another church member, Messages of Lefor Ruth to a church member whose younger sister was almost sexually abused by said man of god Lefor Divine thank God he was caught…else he would have succeeded as well. All these evidence are from members of the said church Wisdom Center International Muea, Buea(GBA) and people who know the said man of God.

I won’t be surprised if some of you still see these and still not believe. We have been waiting for a word from the man of God or his communication team but no…. nothing yet!! So we had to share the evidence.


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