[Economy]: 5 Things to Note About Blue Empire Holdings | Cameroon’s Top Smartphone Dealer


Smartphones have now become part of our lives. We just can’t do without them. A lot could be done with a smartphone. But finding an original smartphone isn’t as easy as you may think. At this point, Blue Empire Holdings is that avenue where you can purchase high-end smartphones of all categories.

Blue Empire Holdings is a top smartphones dealer in Cameroon. They also sell trendy original electronic gadgets such as MacBook Pros, Drones, earphones, chargers and  USB cables etc. Blue Empire Holdings has built a satisfied clientele across Cameroon.

This Buea based electronic dealer sells both brand new & fairly used American products in good conditions. Apple products are a priority for them. They are a good reference for Apple products in Cameroon. From iPhone 5C right up to the iPhone X. All models and all quantities are readily available

Buying pattern is predictable. Ladies (slay queens in particular) go in for smartphones with exceptional camera properties ( Samsung galaxy). The guys love brands that will boost their egos and looking glass image.

We had a close discussion with Blue Empire Holdings’ founder Jill Sona. He outlined 5 interesting points for customers and investors. These points are as below;

Gadget Exchange

At Blue Empire Holdings, customers can exchange old gadgets and get new ones of their choice by offering an equivalent amount. This facilitates customers to upgrade their smartphones. For example, you can add an equivalent sum to your existing iPhone 7 to get an iPhone 8. The exchange could only be effected once your gadget is checked

Customer Discounts

Loyal customers get a 10% sales discount on any smartphone they intend to buy. Who is a loyal customer? Our loyal customers are all those buyers who have a track record of repeat purchase. Moreover, every customer who purchases gadgets worth a million above has a gift from us.

We Sell on Hire Purchase

In a bid to make life easy for low-income earners, we accept Hire purchase basis. Trustworthy customers can buy on hire purchase. In this case, they are required to pay half the cost of the product. When this is done they can have the product and later complete the due installment as stated in the terms.

We Encourage Referrals

Referral marketing is on the rise. People believe and trust their friends, brothers, sisters, and loved once more. When a relative recommends products to us we just believe in the products.  in this case, any customer who recommend us business receives 10% on the amount the buyer spends. So you can earn real cash just by recommending customers to us.

We are Open to Investors

Blue Empire Holdings is open to investors. Electronic business is a lucrative one. You can invest in this venture. Investment ranges from 10,000 dollars and above. Investors are sure of a 10% dividend.

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