[Download]: Boy TAG – Grandma (Directed by Chuzih)


After giving us Cent Pour Cent two weeks ago, the Stevens ME rapper – Boy TAG is back to give us a lesson on love. No, not romantic love, but family love.

It seems like the versatile rapper was dealt a hard blow recently when his heroic grandmother who raised him, passed away. Boy TAG honored his grandma in this song, crediting her with holding down him and his sister and always being supportive of his dream. He tributes his grandmother with an emotional song highlighting her strength and the unforgettable love he gave him. Produced by the talented – Abztrumental and the creative vision is brought to life by Chuzih. Download

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He raps:


Official Lyrics (Talk)

Dear Grandma… I no even know thing for tell you now massa.. I used to just… You know.. Sit back home when I was little.. Thinking about what I’ll be when I grow up so I can make you proud but.. You’re no more here and it hurts.. …..

VERSE 1…..

I used to be na dat kind njaka wey nobody be di care… So I nobi fit dream ’cause e be covered with fear… For broad day light so man di see na nightmare… But grandrémé langwa say boy you get hope if you get air… I was my own pastor ’cause nobody would pray for me.. Not father not mother na only you were there for me… They used to ask me what I wanna be when I grow up I said I just wanna survive grandma you took the stress from me. The weight was on your shoulder. Though you were getting older. You took care of me and my sister nights were getting colder… I remember when I di go léwa with no shoes you’d go through many tough times all shoemeanders be know you… You go trek for wa sake. go market beg for wa sake.. Sometimes you wept for our sake. loose your respect for our sake.. Damn. I’ll sit outside our carabot house with a zink door… Burst burst plank on the wall no cement on the floor… Chaii I really hate poverty I swear I do.. No news about my father his nickname was all I knew… And my mom was no different she was enjoying life or what was left if it. She chosed to believe in lies.. God knows I pretended to live a happy life.. Grandma in you I learnt who was a happy wife… ‘Cause when grandfather was sick I was the nurse it’s like I saw the world crumbling on you but you cut through it like a knife… You were a strong woman you still a strong woman though burried 6 fit deep you remain a strong woman.. I don’t know why death had to snatch you away from us… You had to stay to see who would catch the bouquet from us.. Grandma I miss you die chaii. But while I cry I’m shy to ask why your eyes were wide open as I closed’em with a smile from side to side I hide the silence calmy try to decide if I should fight to survive or die… Damn.


I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you and I don’t think I can do without it… I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you I miss you but there’s nothing I can do about it… ‘Cause ever since you were gone it’s really hard to cope mama… But I still remain strong I just want you to know mama…

…..VERSE 2…..

I just want you to know. I just want you to know the little boy you left behind has now grown up to be a man.. I just want you to know. I just want you to know what they thought was once an option has become a master plan… If you love somebody let them know and hold them tight… Do what you can for them like everyday and every night… Yeah… Like everyday and every night. I wish someone could wake you up so I can get it right… With hate and jealousy I’m losing faith in fellas see You were the place above the sea… The only face I’ll ever see… Mercy Love and care were the medicines you gave to me… Though poverty held us captive somehow I knew we were free… My children my nephews and my nieces will never be like before.. I’ll make sure they eat fruits from the family tree… I feel you grandma though you are gone… Through the crowd as they shout my name when I perform… You taught me how to live. How to make it on my own.. Give me the right to believe. You shine on me like the Sun.. It costs nothing to forgive.. Though they always do you wrong… Blessing is all I receive.. Memories help me move on… Yes I know you rest in a better place.. When I walk out the door I know my steps are better placed… Grandma I will give the world just to see your face To tell you what it took for Boy TAG to surface… Your story will be told to your great grands and their great great grands to their great grands.. Legendary forever your name shines.. Those you left behind are fulfilling the game plans. (Talk) Your deeds never went unnoticed. Everyday you told us To reach the summit you have to focus… Rest In Peace grandma. We love you.


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