[Download][Hot Video+Audio]: Deenah – Deenah is Served (Directed by Adah Akenji)


Deenah released her debut single Deenah is served under BGC Melody on the 1st of June 2018. The song was produced by the amazing and talented Edi LeDrae. The release of the Adah Akenji Directed Music video is scheduled to be released in the nearest future. Her music career started in 2016 when She got into a music group called WestBoy Record under which she released her first single titled “Give”.

Deenah 2

She later left WestBoy Record to TrackZone Records. After a period of 2 years with TrackZone Records, she left and started working at 44Pictures. Two months after she started work at 44Pictures, she got signed to BGC Melody, a record label she calls home till this day. After a long wait due to technical issues beyond the label’s control, she brings you her first official video Deenah is served!   Watch and enjoy…


Download Deenah – Deenah is Served (Mp3)


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