[Download]: Mc Neillex – Reply to Askia (Askia Diss)

Mc Neillex Diss Askia
Mc Neillex Diss Askia

.. You Wanna Be Queen … Then Suck the Right D****… Even If You waka Empty L*** We No Go Notice You …  This is just 1/10 of the dose Mc Neillex fed Askia with. These days, nothing gets more attention than a couple of celebrities or well-known figures (Rappers) having a public feud. The days of “Diss Tracks” and Hip Hop “Beef” have now been tossed aside. Call it a publicity stunt, or call it the new but this right here is deep.

The internet has been buzzing lately concerning the recently released song by renowned underground rapper, Mc Neillex, and ex  Alphabetter Records Femcee Askia. The latter recently released a song titled  – Still on the Throne – challenging Cameroon Rappers, Cut the long story short, Mc Neillex got extremely defensive when Askia challenged Cameroon Rappers. And If You Wanna Know how serious this is, then Download and Listen to the song below

Download mp3

Personally, I think Mc Neillex has always waited for an opportunity to attack Askia. Maybe He hates her guts because he went soo personal. Well, It is not a fair fight because Neillex is one of the most sophisticated Lyricist in Cameroon. Maybe next time he should pick on someone his own size.



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