[Download][Hot Music]: Abz Ngitolang – Paradise (Produced by Abztrumental)

Yekabong Ngitolang Carven is an Afropop Singer and talented Sound engineer who goes by moniker Abztrumental,  Proudly from Yamba, Ndu Abz Ngitolang has worked with some of the best in the National music scene – the likes of Skidi boy, Gomez, the late Gee Reign, Fluri Boyz etc
Today Abz Ngitolang blesses his fans with a new conscious jam titled  – Paradise – Dedicated to his lost parents, family members and recently deceased artist Gee Reign. Perfectly Crafted. This is one to watch out this 2018
Listen Below


I pray and hope this song speaks to your inner person in a positive and enriching way. Find purpose, make things right with God and let him be your helper cuz Life is cruel, I waited for days to confirm the news about my failure brother in showbiz by name #GeeReign. At first I thought it could be a hype but apparently, nobody seems to come up to say it was all hyping. i really hoped this was not true. Just a week before death took away the gentle soul of a brother, I was spiritually let to record this song #PARADISE . Dedicating it to my late parents and everyone who has lost a love one be it, a sister, brother, child, father , mother etc. I could never have imagined , I’ll be loosing a brother in the music industry to the cold hands of death. To me, this is a message to everyone out here, especially my fellow my Cameroon artistes. Life is short, make sense out of it while there is still time. After the struggle for fame, money, etc…, when death surprises you, WHAT NEXT???! Earth is not our Home, We are just passers-by. #Daddy, #Maa , #GeeReign, I pray you Rest In Peace till we meet in #PARADISE.



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