[Download]: Daddy Black – Your Love (Produced by Mr. Melody)

e the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab).
e the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab).

In many ways, music is a lot like prose. It can be pleasing, enlightening, and even life-changing. A great song, like a great book, affects the listener in unanticipated ways and resonates long after the music has ceased. This is the case with “Your love”, the song is a melting pot of reggae, Rnb, and Afrobeat by the incredible Daddy Black.   produced and mixed by “Elad Denis Aka Mr. Melody”, mastered by the American mastering engineer  Matty Harris. Brimming with catchy melodies from Christian Kengne Simplice’s guitar. the songs were written, composed, and performed by “Daddy black”  additional vocals by “Aisha Nk”  and “Elad Denis“.  This song is an eminent urban vibe from Alternative A. (Alt. A) in which he presides with compassion about incredible feelings of lust. The samples from Keith Sweat are so wooing that, wherever you are, the lights instantly dim

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