[Download][Audio+Video]: Lion Savage – Levels


In his debut single, Lion Savage doesn’t go for a certified hit, he goes experimental, walking a thin line between ghetto hip-hop bravado and effortless western flow without attempting a copycat of Kendrick Lamar.

It is a curiously dangerous experiment seeing the waves that ghetto hip-hop has created and the following it has marshaled around Mboko God ‘Jovi’ and more Big G Baba. But the experiments, showing a great mastery of what will not caricature him into a street wannabe.

Like a brown-skinned Moses, he parts the streets with his style; groovy, rhythmic but brutishly unapologetic! The song is not meant to top charts, it is meant to chart new grounds for a unique style that is both mainstream and ghetto without falling into the trap of alienating both groups. The styles do not compete, they complement.


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