Bikutsi Diva CoCo Argentee Releases New Album titled – Ouragan and Ten Music Video to Accompagny it

Coco Argentee Ouragan Album Artwork
Coco Argentee Ouragan Album Artwork

Unless you’re CoCo Argentee, you have no business releasing a Ten track album and ten music videos all at once. It has been 8 years now since her last album – Trésor – which was released in 2014. Arguably the best Bikutsi Singer today, Coco Argentee releases her fourth album titled – Ouragan – which means Hurricane.

She is probably going into the Guinness Books of Records as the first artist ever to release an album and 9 music videos at the same time. The time-consuming and expensive process of making and marketing an album and music video is what baffles people most. The album was officially released on the 23rd of June 2018.

Download Mouiller Maillot

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Download mp3

Lucky+2 Feat. Coco Argentee – Mon Bouclier

Coco Argentee – Pepa Oyo 

Coco Argentee – Make Tab A Dzale 


Coco Argentee – Mbanga 

Coco Argentee – Voici

Coco Argentee – Les Filles De Mon Pays

Coco Argentee – Ossi Ossa 


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