Download: Nijeun – Marche Arriere

"Marche Arriere" - Nijeun

Nijeun started writing his first lyrics at the age of 10 and today he has everything he needs for a long and successful career. As people like to say “Neither young nor old”, Nijeun is this artist of the new generation who understood very early on that to go far you have to spare your mount and with this first single he launches the hostilities as it should be. Still called Double Boy, he intends to leave his unique mark on Cameroon showbiz.He is affectionately called Diablo by his friends, he knew how to take the bull by the horns and launch himself into the arena with his first single titled “Reverse”.

At only 19 years old, he delivered his very first single titled “Marche Arrière” which makes a sensational debut in the 237 rap game with an afrotrap sound that both makes young people dance and raises  awareness.”Marche Arriere” is a song produced by his parents, he tries to asks all children to respect their parents because they are their Gods on earth.


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