Download: Besong – Joe Dalton (Directed by Patrick Malet)

"Joe Dalton" - Besong

Besong has been in the Cameroon music industry for more than 4 years now recording her first song at Gentil Records Studio Buea in 2016 under the supervision of  0-Beats before later joining KwataBoy Music.

Being the prolific rapper that she is ready at any time to do live performances so as to connect directly with her audience. As she represents kwatastyle in grandeur she is able to mix and create her own style which makes her really stand out. Her new single “Joe Dalton” opens a debate on a cultural and identity struggle that pushes you beyond the barriers community language. Her energy dialect blends with french, English pidgin, and Cameroonian slang commonly called “Mboko”, concretizing the universality of her music.

This piece of work was produced by Waff and directed by Patrick Malet

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