Download: Anna Beat ft Lil Saakoo &MK Isacco – Inchallah ( Directed by Anna Music Production)

Anna Beat ft MK Isacco & Lil Saako - Inchallah
Anna Beat ft MK Isacco & Lil Saako - Inchallah

In the title ” Inchallah ” by MK Isacco, Lil Saako, and Anna Beat, they give hope to young Africans that have been going through hard times and continuously fight for their success.

The three African icons came together so as to communicate some strength to the youths. Through this masterpiece, they are encouraging the youths on not giving up. The featuring is done between the Togolese beatmaker, composer and singer “Anna Beat“, “Lil Saako“, the creator of the famous dance “kolokaty and second lead of the group instinct killers of Guinea and “MK Isacco” a Guinean musician. Produced by “Anna Music Production

download the track below:

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