Do Not Talk 237 Rap, If Double Jet EP by C-Trix isn’t Up For The Debate!

C-Trix - Double Jet EP
C-Trix - Double Jet EP

This is not going to be a colorful piece of literature wherein I get paid to buy paint and glue on dry season grass so as to revive its beauty and color, or buying Hausa perfume to work on an exhumed corpse. If that was the case, I wouldn’t begin this write-up like this. With that fact being established, now let me tell you, people, something.

C Trix
C Trix

I was on Facebook last week and noticed a super fly artwork with the title “Double Jet EP” by a Cameroonian rapper called C-TRIX. The post had a link to the EP album in it. Whatever Double Jet meant, a writer like myself can only know more by listening to the body of work. But then, the Cameroonian in me did the usual – “check comments and likes on that post big man. If it’s not popping, then that link is not worth your time” (my inner Cameroon spirit whispering).
Or na vex fo phone tax oh, I decided to ditch my inner Satan’s voice and click on that link. After all, I knew I might never use the phone again by the 15th of October since they will be asking me 30% for my 300k-worth  phone. And I no getam me. Remember say I no take money before I write d tin. Lol. So I decided to enjoy my phone well before D-Day.

My discovery: The sound of “welcome”.

“Who God bless, no man curse. Like the rain falling down. Let it rain. I receive blessings. Let it follow me. That’s for everlasting.”

– First words uttered by the rapper on this project.

The entire sound of this first track titled LET IT RAIN ft GINA is everything that embodies a beat marrying its lyrics, to give the listener a miraculous experience without seeing motion pictures.
This is the same experience you’ll get when the rapper mounts every instrumental within this body of work.


Do not even think I’d be breaking down track by track. This guy spits too many metaphors and stories. To better understand me, you’ll have to click that every link I clicked, or join me #EndPhoneTax first, then I can do that heavy job for free. Hehehehe.
I have never liked jumping into the arguments about Cameroon not being able to represent real hip-hop music out of its borders.  It is either the foreigners and a bunch of “some” home-based ears listen to particular names that sometimes can’t make an American or Nigerian or South African listen and be like ” WHOAAA… rewind that”.
If I were to create a squad of 5 to hold the rap spear and mount horses from country to country, and continent to continent, conquering and bringing glory back home, just know that C-trix will be among He knows what rap and hip hop music are. C-trix‘s flow brings a glow when you listen. Once you have that “feeling” on a beat, that’s a money tree.
Double Jet is a perfect hip hop project. I no wan even talk about C-trix ye punchlines them. If I do, you will not finish reading this appraisal of his work.
It feels good when you listen to a project and it doesn’t sound like the regular. I believe in every rapper taking a path. Especially in Cameroon where the fans have lost the gift of appreciating what is good. But above all, I don’t care about anything else but PERFECT music of any kind.
Hit the link to discover Double Jet EP by C-Trix.

C Trix
C Trix

Credits By: You Don’t Know Me Mr. Doofy.


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