Did KOWAN Deserved to be Winner of 237Showbiz music competition??


The 237showbiz music competition which was carried on within a month on their prestigious facebook page  with over 130 contestants. Contestants were expected to drop freestyles to beats produced by three great producers Ediledrea, Mrmccoy and Eno on the track. Criteria of winning was based on highest views, highest shares, highest likes and highest comments. winner goes home with cash price of 300,000CFA, a collabo with Cameroon’s A list female artist DAPHNE, video directed by one of Cameroon’s best video director. Every contestant gave in their best. Ten contestants made it to finals AC Prince, Akwaya Boy, Black Frame Music, Don Franco, KOWAN, Mcivo Epiesco, Nivo Ti, Pouncy Kido, Recky Dasha and Treccer.  Amongst  the ten was the official winner KOWAN an eight year old whom from the start of the competition, left many speechless with his kind of hard lyrics so much that many concluded from start ”perica don win yiahh”. KOWAN’s winning got the first runner up Nivo Ti so angry and considering the results FAKE as he says in his own words

”To who it may Concern,
The #237ShowbizMusicCompetition was all a scam. Fake results, Fake Jury and Fake Analysis! The last date of the counting at 12midnight I checked and #Kowan had 48k views and Nivo Ti had #46k views. How come ur results say he had 53k views?
*A jury says Lyrics of my song 7/10, and #Kowan 6/10. That means both songs had equal lyrical strengths. That’s the biggest lie ever in the History of Cameroon Entertainment.
*You said Multiple shares will be counted as one share but u counted all.
*A competition like this with 2 Jury only. Thesame 2 people who were hyping and promoting Kowan right from Day 1 of the competition against 199 other contestants.
*Y’all are not dff from your fathers in the courts in Yaounde.
God and everyone else knows I deserved the win but anyway am not surprised with ur results bc this is Cameroon full of bias. But guess what? Good music is what I’ll always deliver and bias, hate and conspiracy can’t stop my degree of positivity. It was a nice experience.
NB: This post is for those who supported me to know we were cheated but we look at the bigger picture. We move on. Man nobi God.

New music. #AffairNkap drops on Saturday”

His speech got many disappointed as they never expected such a reaction from someone who calls himself an established artist getting so pissed for not being the winner and calling the competition a SCAM. Mind you, 237showbiz is a blog that has made a lot of underground talents known ”they blow” for free and its still doing so.  Believe it or not, all who took part in the competition have gotten free exposure and they all got to be thankful and grateful even if they weren’t winners.

Nonetheless, we give a big shout out to 237Showbiz for bringing up the competition, the music producers, DANPHNE, the video director who is directs KOWAN’s coming up hit track. Once more congratulation to the winner KOWAN.


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