CritiQsite’s 21 Top Hottest Cameroonian Songs Released In August (Download)


The August is already over and it was filled with so many potential hits. we can try to determine which songs are the best. In general. Mr. Leo, Daphne, Tzy Panchak are the usual favorites.  Without further ado, here’s the select 21. Enjoy!

Check them out below.



This is another impressive Song From Plaza Music frontman Awu featuring Rapper Stanley Enow. Arguably the best remix of the year and one of the best songs released so far this year.

Download Sidomina Remix (Phone) (Mp3)

2. Kikoh Featuring Magasco – Mado


Our Second pick is Kikoh featuring Magasco. This is a really dope song that should be appreciated

Download Kikoh Feat. Magasco – Mado (Mp3)

3.  Pit Baccardi Feat. Magasco – Trop Parler


These two always deliver 100% when they get together to record, Trop Parler is a great song that can balance itself in any environment.

Download Trop Parlez (Mp3)

4. Tzy Panchak – Love Me


Tzy Panchak Has been getting massive spins on Cameroonian Radios since last year. He keeps releasing impressive songs and Love me is just one of those amazing songs out of Tzy’s musical library. Enjoy

Download Tzy Panchak – Love Me (Mp3)

5.  Tata Feat Reniss – Ambiance


Call Me crazy or maybe I have my own way of listening to music. This a beautiful piece of good music from Tata featuring Reniss. And it deserves its 5th position. This may be the only hope in the Tropical Vibes Ep Project. Enjoy

Download Tata Feat Reniss – Ambiance (Mp3)

6. Realm Squad Feat. Fluri Boys – C’est La Vie


Realm Squad teams up with Fluri Boys to deliver this awesome song that should make up your playlist. Truthfully speaking between Mr. Leo’s C’est La Vie and this, I will go for the later, no disrespect.

Download Realm Squad Feat. Fluri Boys – C’est La Vie (Mp3)

7.  Kt Rap Patron – Tarra


U Di Feel Am Noh Tarra!!!! This is a song that may be causing problems on the streets. Rap vet Kt rap Patron adds some catchy Mboko rap to this trap tune and made it very able to sing along. I endorse THIS

Download KT Rap Patron – Tarra (Mp3)

8. Mr. Leo Feat. Salatiel – C’est La Vie


Serial Hit-maker Mr. Leo teamed up with one his boss and longtime friend Salatiel to deliver a mid-tempo tune with hints of Highlife that’s catchy and groovy. Well, It’s Mr. Leo Enjoy

Download Mr. Leo Feat. Salatiel (Mp3)

9. Flyhabit – Mullah


Veteran hip-hop sensation takes a step further by releasing his first music video in years. Though unusual in rap style, this new Afrotrap will definitely gain him more fans. Enjoy this street hop

Download Flyhabit – Mullah (Mp3)


10.  Carl Brizzy – Yele


In the near future, this guy might dominate the industry. The cover art shouldn’t fool you, the song is “a Must Dj’s List”. Dance!! Dance!! Dance!! Banger

Download Carl Brizzy (Mp3)


11. Askia – Let’s Talk


Ex Alphabetter Records Rapper makes a comeback with a conscious piece. She talks about the ongoing crises in a beautiful way. One of my favorite songs this year so far.

Download Askia – Let’s Talk (Mp3)


12. Daphne  – Ne Laches Pas


Daphne is a confirmed hit-maker! The Stevens Music first lady released this new reggae-inspired jam and its quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Download Daphne – Ne Laches Pas (Mp3)


13.  Jahiem C Tiku – Ahjiy


The new voice of the game, future game changer. Even Salatiel had to endorse -Ahjiy by Jaheim. His voice is unique and the song is soo catchy. Cameroon is getting there Enjoy

Download Jahiem C Tiku – Ahjiy (Mp3)

14.  Daddy Black – Your Love


If this song was tuned up a little you would have thought it is T-pain. Music veteran daddy Black deserves some accolades, he may be underrated. Perfect Mastering, enjoy

Download Daddy Black – Your Love (Mp3)

15. Alino Alino Feat. Elcee Gweja


Here is one Cameroonian that is keeping the flame burning in the Southern part of Africa. He is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a hardworking artist, Enjoy Kadumba

Download Alino Alino Feat. Elcee Gweja – Kadumba (Mp3)

15. Featurist – Tu Es Kindah


off their highly anticipated upcoming album – Arette Nous Si Tu Peux, this duo don’t know how to release wack songs. They’ve been dropping hits after hits and here is another one of their coffers. Enjoy

Download Featurist – Tu Es Kindah (Mp3)

16. Blinko – Snap Moi Tes Lolo


Soon to be a viral single for Francophones and club lovers, Enjoy

Download Blinko Snap Moi Tes Lolos (Mp3)

17. Pascal – Pikin 4 Sun


Amazing rapper Pascal releases an EP titled Pikin 4 Sun and fans are going crazy.  Enjoy Below

Download Pascal – Pikin 4 Sun (Mp3)


18. Eclipse Darkness Featuring Stanley Enow – She Got Me Feeling


US Based Singer/rapper features Stanley Enow in a hot tune, enjoy Below

Download Eclipse Darkness Feat. Stanley Enow – She Got Me Feeling (Mp3)

19.  Tzy Panchak – Money Finish Eye Clear


The name speaks for its self. Great song for a chilly night in a snack Enjoy

Download Money Finish Eye Clear (Mp3)

20. Numerica Feat. Magasco, Mr. Leo and Ko-C – Valide Remix


Arise Entertainment frontman Numerica invites Magasco, Mr. Leo and Ko-C for a powerful remix of his hit single – Valide. Very Enjoyable

Download Numerica – Valide Remix (Mp3)



There are other amazing songs out there that could make this list






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