Critiqsite Official Top biggest Cameroonian songs of 2018 so far


As we ended the year of 2018, so do we look back on the biggest hits of the year. 2018 was not Mr. Leo‘s best Year but “On Se Connait Pas” has Us dancing; Shura “Allez Dire”, Blanche Bailly “Bon Bon”, Charlotte Dipanda’s “Sister”, Ko-C’s “Balance”, Carl Brizzy’s “Yele”, “Locko’s “Hein Hein Hein”; and more is the list of songs we can officially confirm the “Big Hits” of 2018. Read on for our picks of the Best Cameroonian Songs Of The Year So Far, listed in no particular order. ENJOY

  1. Shura Allez Dire

Shura Allez dire

Judging by the reactions people get any time its played, Allez Dire is one the best songs of the year. It Skyrockets the Stephens ME artist into major limelight and booked her international shows in Africa. Produced by CFX and Video Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens, “Allez Dire’ is already on 1.9M Views on Youtube. Watch below, Click HERE to Download

2. Mr. Leo J’Suis Desole


Cameroon’s Golden Boy 2018 Debut – J’Suis Desole – was a massive Success with over 2.5 Million Views on youtube. The song was engineered by Salatiel. DOWNLOAD HERE

3. Mani Bella “Le Secret De Mama” Featuring K-Tino

Le Secret de Mama [WWWW.VRJMUSIC.COM] Mani Bella ft K-Tino by Inde.jpg

Mani Bella dominated the bikutsi Genre this year with “Le Secret De Mama” featuring Her role model – K-Tino. DOWNLOAD HERE



One of Cameroon’s most bankable artists Maahlox’s “Fini Avec” Plays in almost all street corners of Cameroon. The song has fueled him to become one of the most demanding artists for a mega concert in Cameroon. DOWNLOAD HERE



One of the ladies favorite love songs of 2018. Booboo video featured Mimie as Locko’s Love interest. The song is one of the anthems of 2018. DOWNLOAD HERE



Tenor Started 2018 strong with – ALAIN PARFAIT (À L’IMPARFAIT). The Song has over 2.4 Million Views on Youtube. It has remained of the favorites in French Clubs and Snacks DOWNLOAD HERE

7. Shado Chris feat. Locko – Kitadi


Though the song belongs to Ivorian – Shado Chris, Locko’s vocal contribution in this song created a major impact on music lovers in Cameroon. With over 4.4 Million Views Kitadi is definitely one of Africa’s biggest Hit of the year 2018. DOWNLOAD HERE

8. Empire (Power) #DonnerDonner


Power II featured vocals from Magasco X Tenor X Mimie X Locko X Minks. It became of the best of the Power series with over 1.2 Million Views on Youtube. DOWNLOAD HERE

9. X-Maleya – Fianga


Cameroon’s Supergroup X-Maleya maintain their success rate with – Fianga- off their Cardio Album. Fianga is one of this year’s favorite. DOWNLOAD HERE

10. Blanche Bailly – BonBon


Blanche Bailly left from charging 250.000Frs per show to 1 Million due to the massive success of her biggest hit ever – Bon Bon. This song placed her in the list of some of the most bankable artists of Cameroon in 2018. Bon Bon Is everywhere and already on over 3.5 Million views on youtube. DOWNLOAD HERE

11. Charlotte Dipanda Ft. Yémi Alade – Sista


Arguably the biggest Cameroonian song of the year 2018, Sista by Charlotte Dipanda features African Superstar Yemi Alade. The View is almost Clocking 8 Million Views on Youtube. DOWNLOAD HERE

13. Daphne – My Lover


Cameroon’s hottest Female act Daphne revived fans with – My Lover. With over 6.6 Million views on youtube.


13. X-MALEYA ft MINK’S – Mon Goût


X-Maleya’s Single single – Mon Gout – off their Cardio album featured Rapper Minks and made waves in its early release. DOWNLOAD HERE

14. Nabila – Ça Va Aller


This beautiful diva took just a short while to achieve mainstream success in Cameroon. Her third single Ca Va Aller is gradually becoming an anthem. DOWNLOAD HERE

15. Salatiel – Weekend


One of the year’s top Club favorite, Salatiel has never given us a club banger this better. Weekend is an “everyday Playlist” in clubs and snacks. DOWNLOAD HERE

16. KO-C – Balancé feat. Tenor


We thought KO-C’s “Bollo C’est Bollo” was his biggest hit until he dropped Balance featuring Tenor. Radios, Clubs, streets everywhere is Balance. One of the top Biggest releases so far this year. It accompanied with a dance trend = DOWNLOAD HERE

17. Zinnia – Overload


The audio alone has over a million streams on Youtube, DOWNLOAD HERE

18. MIMIE- Je M’en Fous


This is Mimie’s biggest and most viral song yet. DOWNLOAD HERE

19. Tenor – Appeler ft. Kiff No Beat

We get all excited when we listen to Apeller in Clubs, It is one of the hottest club bangers in the year 2018. DOWNLOAD HERE


20. Magasco – Under My Bed


While Fans enjoyed Sokoto by Magasco more in 2018, Sokoto was a 2017 jam. Under My Bed off his, Golden Boy Album was Magasco’s biggest hit of 2018 and We all know How talented this guy is. DOWNLOAD HERE

21. Carl Brizzy – Yele


Out of the blue Came an upcoming artist Carl Brizzy with his Shaku Shaku Dance hit – Yele. We have been glued to our seats whenever we see it pass on Trace Tv Africa. Yes, Yele is one of 2018 biggest Hit. DOWNLOAD HERE

22. Stanley Enow – My Way ft. Locko, Tzy Panchak


And Here comes the colossal jam which is arguably the year’s favorite. My Way by Stanley featured Tzy Panchak and Locko. My Way gets Stanley’s 2nd Million Views on Youtube after Hein Pere. Yes, It’s Huge. DOWNLOAD HERE

23. Alino Alino – Colombiana


We are not living out Diaspora out of this list, Colombiana by South African Based Cameroonian Singer Alino Alino has made waves in the Southern Part of Africa and has booked Alino Alino in some of South Africa’s Biggest Night Clubs. It features Zambia’s biggest Urban Act – Roberto Zambia DOWNLOAD HERE

24. KO-C – Sango Featuring Fanicko


KO-C dominated Cameroon hip hop in 2018, He ends the year in grand style with Sango featuring Beninese Fanicko. Download SANGO HERE

25. T’neeya – Text Me


Here is another Cameroon diaspora that is putting 237 on the map. Signed to one of Nigeria’s biggest record Label (Aristokrat Records), Tneeya’s “Text Me” is driving fans crazy. DOWNLOAD HERE

26. Blanche Bailly – NDOLO


The follow up to – Bon Bon -, Ndolo by Blanche Bailly was well received by critiques and its been making waves in corners of the country. DOWNLOAD HERE

27. Locko – Hein Hein Hein ft. Singuila


One of the most played song at the moment, Locko isn’t tired of dropping hits back to back. Just less than two months after release, the song is already on above 1.2 Million views on Youtube. It features Singuila. Hit is an understatement, its a classic. DOWNLOAD HERE

28. Ben Decca – Souffrance D’Amour

maxresdefault (1).jpg

And Here we have Ballafon’s Music of the Year. The Legendary Ben Decca makes a huge comeback with Souffrance D’amour. DOWNLOAD HERE

29. Dj Kenny Feat. Minks

Minks did justice as he is featured on Dj Kenny’s – Ca Va Te Tuer. DOWNLOAD HERE



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