Countdown to Central Africa’s Biggest Hip Hop Festival. The Douala Hip Hop Festival


Though Cameroon is heavily underrated when it comes to Hip hop, this is Arguably Central and West Africa’s best Hip Hop Festival, the Douala Hip-Hop Festival has grown over the years but never strayed from its roots celebrating local Cameroonian and international acts and their affiliates that hip-hop, Afro music, Pop and R&B have to offer in a particular year.

It is like Cameroon’s Summer Jam – Since it’s formation in 2011, Douala Hip-Hop Festival has hosted some of the pillars of African hip-hop (Esp. French Africa) from the likes of Boudour, to Valsero, to Krotal., You can see why over 5,000 festival-goers attend year in, year out.

Douala Hip Hop Festival

Douala Hip Hop Festival is a major meeting of urban cultures in the Africa subregion Central. Managed by a professional and passionate team. It’s in 2010 that the festival was created by the cultural company ARGLO, in partnership with the Green Grass association.

The first year the festival was organized around four activities music (Hip Hop mainly), the Street Wear, the Graffiti and DJ Ying as the saying goes the essential thing was to participate with an overflowing passion.

In 2012, they instituted the Hip Hop legend of the festival which is designated to accompany the festival and therefore the passive tells the story of Cameroonian hip-hop in particular and Africa in general. Krotal was the first legend followed by KOPPO, Sadrake from NEGRISSI’M, BOUDOR and LADY B in 2017, the idea being to present to the youngest, and the veterans. Always in this momentum and in a dynamic opening, a sponsor accompanies the festival. This is a figure having marked the African music in general and Cameroon in particular: 2015 (Les Tetes Brulees) / 2016 (San Fan Thomas) / 2017 (Ben Decca).

This opening is extended both with the diversification of activities, festival-goers and beginning to come first from the Central African, African and today from all over the world.

Sharing a common vision for seven years, this group of passionate kinds of music united his personal efforts to tell and perpetuate the history of rap and African urban arts with the support of some local businesses and patrons.

Over the years, with many innovations, DHF has become a privileged scene contributing to the development of Hip-Hop but also other musical and artistic trends such as street dance, graffiti.


– To connect professionals and all those who live around Art

– To entertain and develop people

– Allow our artists from here and elsewhere to be in contact with the public and to disseminate their creations

– Enable professionals and those in the process of meeting and exchanging ideas about issues related to their sector of activity

– Contribute to the development of African urban cultures

– Develop platforms for dissemination of urban artistic creation


Several activities are built around this festival, live concert, streetwear market, street Art, Workshops, Digital Art Market, Street Dance, Trade Show, Drink and Food.


For this 8th edition of the Douala Hip Hop Festival which will take place from 27 to 30 December 2018 with a LIVE BAND, a call for applications will be launched four months before the festival to give the different national and international discoveries a chance to diffuse their works.

We will have artists such as:

Mr Leo / Locko / Tenor / Mink’s / Askia / Salatiel / Gasha / Danielle Eog / Adango / Lady B / Koppo / Sadrak / Krotal / Mahloox the Vibe / Kareyce Fotso / K TINO and as godfather : EKAMBI BRILLANT.

– Positive Black Soul (Senegal) – Ibaaku (SENEGAL) – Omarson (Chad) – Mixton (Congo)

– Fredy Masamba (Congo / Belgium) – Veeby (Canada / Cameroon) – BADI (Belgium) – TÉHUI

– eLle Stooley (Haiti / Canada) – Cheik Tidiane (Mali)

With many other surprises …


It is a dance contest (street dance contest) with amateur groups dance and exhibition dancing (demonstration of dance group performances confirmed). In parallel, we will also have a creative residency with a dance group professional from Morocco and a professional group from Cameroon as well as amateurs, this as part of the dance-related activities workshops through the Afrikayna scholarship.


The streetwear is a platform for exchanges and exhibitions works of the Urban Fashion Creators. It’s about to encourage the consumption of these products ” Made In Africa ”. We note this year the participation, Congo, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire. This space is organized in stands for sale, a K-WALK for broadcast (podium for a parade each evening


This is the innovation of this eighth edition, it is a moment of performance of the artists of the Art Schools of Mbalmayo, University of Yaoundé I, Foumban, Nkongsamba with regard to Cameroon and Dakar for Senegal. The idea is to have artists improvise creations artistic with recycled materials that will serve as decoration on the site.


Organized in order to connect professionals and amateurs, for exchanges

in the fields of artistic creations in general and musical in particular. These will be able to reinforce their achievements and find solutions to the difficulties they encounter.


It is a space dedicated to all creators of digital tools related to Art and Culture. Here we will distinguish the application developers, the game designers, all the carriers of digital projects focused on culture.

Douala Hip Hop Festival
Douala Hip Hop Festival


It is a space of exchange reserved for the professionals to evoke their problems and floor on solutions, at this edition we will once again talk about the MOBILITY FUNDS ARTISTICS on the African continent to facilitate collaborations between professionals, the diffusion and creations between artists.

Douala Hip Hop Festival
Douala Hip Hop Festival


This is the space reserved for gastronomy and drinks. To allow festival-goers to combine business with pleasure.


The DHF will be held from 27 to 30 December 2018. During these four days, this festival will make us live exceptional moments through different events.

It will take place in two phases: the pre-festival and the actual festival.

The pre-festival will focus on mini-shows, mangroves, competitions in schools, streetwear market, as well as digital communication that will be accentuated and will be done for two months before the festival through teaser videos, web shows, commercials … Speaking of the festival proper, The workshops and professional exchanges that will be held between 9h and 15h. From 4 pm, streetwear market and discoveries. From 18h, shows, and shows.


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