Check Out 10 Illnesses That Can Be Cured Through Sex


The act of sex or lovemaking is an emotion or feelings shared by a couple. But did you know that it could also prevent and cure many illnesses in our system? In many cases, making love is an incredible remedy to keep health problems. Here are 10 diseases that can be prevented or cured through sex.

Making love is a great sentiment with your partner, this carnal act hides under its symbols of desire and romance many virtues beneficial to your health. Let’s go to their discovery…

1. Heart Problems

Thanks to the intimacy shared with your spouse, making love will allow you to maintain good heart problems. According to experts, this act actually goes a long way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as heart attacks. A study of the correlation between sex and the heart would have found that making love more often will prevent t cardiovascular diseases in men and that a good quality of sexual life would have the same effect on women.

2. Headaches

According to scientists, making love is very effective in fighting migraines. A study of patients with excessive headaches shows that after sexual intercourse the headache goes. The pleasure felt by both partners will go a long way to cure the illness.

3. Anxiety

In an article relayed by ABC News Australia, sex is a key element in fighting against stress and feelings of anxiety. As the author explains, physical intimacy releases many hormones such as oxytocins and endorphins, allowing the body to feel generally well-being.

4. Insomnia

When your body feels completely relaxed, the tensions in you disappear, causing a feeling of relaxation favorable to sleep. Scientists say this is due to the release of the prolactin hormone after orgasm, leading to psycho-physiological well-being which during sex it goes off.

5. Urinary inconvenience

Making love with your partner will prevent urinary inconvenience thanks to the movements made by the muscles of the pelvic and which are similar to physical exercise. Indeed, a study published by The Journal of Sports Medicine shows that physical exercise can prevent urinary leakage. In fact, scientists see it as a first-line treatment for this disorder.

6. The flu

No, you’re not dreaming, making love can be extremely beneficial against the flu! According to a study by researchers at Wilkes University, people who have sex once or twice a week have a stronger immune system. This is believed to be due to the release of immunoglobulin A, which is considered the first line of defense against colds and flu-like illnesses.

7. Alertness of mind

According to our research, a study has suggested that frequent sexual intercourse will lead to the growth of the cranial nerves, greatly influencing the alertness of the mind. These results have also been confirmed by a study carried out at Princeton University.

8. The Skin Appearance

Due to many infections on our inner bodies, making love is also reflected in our skin! Indeed, the improvement in blood circulation induced by sexual intercourse is easily noticed in healthier skin. According to research made, oxygen in the tissues leads to an immediately radiant effect on the skin.

9. Prostate cancer

Although opinions differ on this subject, an extensive study (31,925 men between 1992 and 2010) published by The European Urology Journal would have shown that frequent ejaculations would reduce the risk of a diagnosis of prostate cancer. To this end, making love seems to be an effective preventive measure for men.

10. Signs of old age



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