It’s no news that most of the wealthy people and families known through out history either entirely invested in Real Estates or at least bought shares in the world of Real Estates.

So critique decided to reach out to one of the leading Real Estate companies here in Buea to find out exactly how they get beautiful Houses like this

Unfortunately we where told it’s a business secret on strategy.

Cameronian youths are opening up to creativity on various platforms, especially the digital platforms.

From bloggers, entertainers to start ups and small businesses right up to very large buisness at least have a Facebook presence.

This is so as customer service and client relationship have become the back born of every successful business.

Focusing on Easy Rent Cameroon which is located at the top floor of Money gram building Molyko beside Saint Clair Hotel, this real estate agency is known to get you a house of your choice or at least close suggestions in less than a week. From Apartments, Studios, Rooms, store spaces, office spaces they have them all.
Created in 2016 they have all the experience and data needed to operate in Buea and Limbe.

With amazing partnerships with Landlords and Guest houses you are sure to get that dream home at an affordable price.

It’s a game changer in the landscape of buisness as this company is based 80% on a digital audience through their website and various social media outlets which makes them reachable 24/7.

We encourage you to give them a call on 654 27 55 76.

We also encourage youths through this example to think out of the box of traditional jobs and look into the future where you get to employ and not seek employment so AFRICA at Large and Cameroon in particular will have the next billionaires on Earth considering we have the resources at hand.

Check out Easy Rent on Facebook


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