[Breaking]: Cameroon Loses another Makossa Legend; Pierre De Moussy (Check Out his hit songs)



Over the years we’ve seen the passing away of many old-school Cameroonian musicians. Cameroon has indeed lost legendary singers from Bebe Manga, Charlotte Mbango, Kotto Bass, Lapiro De Mbanga etc. This time it is the legendary Pierre de Moussy who died today January 6th in Génève.

His passing comes after that of Mbarga Soukouss and Philippe Nguini one of the virtuosos of the guitar in the world.

The melodies of PIERRE DE MOUSSY have rocked the childhood of many Cameroonians and continue to inspire the new generation of singers.  He is known for his banger hit “Ndolo L’amour”

Another great loss for the Cameroon music industry that has just seen one of its landmarks go out.

Here is the discography of Pierre Moussy

-Ndolo l amour
-Radio trottoir
-2eme bureau
– Jomba Jomba,
– Diba,
– Senga To Mo ou la célèbre reprise de Tom yoms et Charlotte Mbango.
– Mbengue nye bobe
– Longue ke Mbango



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