Blanche Bailly May Just Have Hinted Us that She is Going Through a Heartbreak

Blanche Bailly
Blanche Bailly

It is Love Season but one of Cameroon’s hottest Music Diva Blanche Bailley is not feeling it as she recently posted messages on her Twitter account which suggests that she is experiencing a disappointment in her Love life.

On her Twitter account, her publications only blow fan’s minds:

“I need an operation to remove my heart.I never want to love again,

she wrote on February 08. And that’s not all, she added:

“F **** love, I’m tired of trying”.

It is indeed true that most celebrities often keep their romantic lives very secret especially if they are not yet married. So  BonBon Singer Blanche Bailly doesn’t look good at the moment. On February 9, she wrote again:

“I believed in the wrong person but I remain sincere

She was only consoled through comments that were posted by her followers who were really there for her. Many only said to lower the heart.

She actually thanked them by posting: “luckily you are there”

She seems to be going through a tough time due to his heartbreak but we know our queen is going to get back to herself again and trill us with hits as usual.
Note that while most were all getting love and romantic on 2020’s Vday, Blanche Bailly took some time to spend and share with Orphans in Buea. See Photos Below


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