Biggy 237 MD Comes Under Fire For Mismanagement, Bribery And Rigging

Yvette Brudy and Cyril Akonteh
Yvette Brudy and Cyril Akonteh

The first season of Biggy 237 has come and gone but the dust is has raised is yet to settle. The Public Relations Officer of the show, Yvette Brudy has recently in a live video made some staggering revelations about the show and its organizers that have set social media on fire.

A few days ago, Yvette Brudy via a facebook post gave the CEO and Managing Director of the show, Cyril Akonteh, a 72 hours ultimatum to do what according to her, was “the right thing.” She wrote:

“Cyril Akonteh, maybe you have been doing this with other initiatives and go free, Know that Biggy237 is a National treasure and you alone cannot bring it DOWN.
I am giving you 72hrs starting from now to do the right thing.”
Yvette Brudy
Yvette Brudy
Yvette Brudy
Yvette Brudy
Well, when the 72 hours ultimatum ended without any reaction from Cyril Akonteh, Brudy decided to go live on facebook. Here are key revelations from her video:
Prity Boy, one of the ex-housemates bribed his way into the house. According to Brudy, 150,000 FCFA was given to the Managing Director to enable Prity Boy get into the house, not to compete but stay in till the finals. Recall that Prity Boy was not part of the initial 25 housemates listed to enter the house. Fans were however surprised to see him in the house. Other housemates who didn’t qualify for the second phase of the show also got into the house.
Cyril Akonteh
Cyril Akonteh on Bantu
 The MD advised the team not to publicize Partners and Sponsors for fear that people might think Biggy has money. To Yvette, that was a deliberate scheme by the organizers to steal money. She even cited a partner who gave 4.5 million FCFA but the MD disclosed that he gave just 2.5 million FCFA.
Still on sponsorship, Brudy added that every task in the house was sponsored and prices were to be awarded to the winners of these tasks but that obviously didn’t happen.
The Managing Director spent over 2 million francs on his hotel bills in Douala while other members of the team suffered in funny places.
The phones and free data bundles promised to the finalists were never received, instead, a T-shirt and books were handed over to the finalists.
A deal was initially made with a Tv station to broadcast the show. Mr. Cyril is accused of not allowing that to happen because of his corrupt mindset.
The MD was also accused of being at the head of so many transactions with partners, collected money, never accounted for till today.
 Brudy also confirmed that some votes were switched at one point in time but that was fixed. According to her, the grand finale votes were never switched and Vanithels is the true winner of the show. She has added that she is not doing this to sabotage the show, far from that, she loves the show dearly and just wants to expose bad practices so the show can be better.
The Managing Director is yet to react to these accusations and fans of the reality TV show can’t wait to see how all these unfold.


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