Best Cameroonian Songs of 2020 You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Top Cameroon Music Releases in 2020
Top Cameroon Music Releases in 2020

We are already in mid-year of 2020, the Coronavirus came and disrupted activities and the entertainment was also heavily affected. Nevertheless, the music industry has given us some great music to jam with, From  “Zege Zege” By Mr. Leo and “Mon Pala  Pala” by Ko-c are just a few of some of the hot releases this year.

We have gathered 35 best songs (Listed in No Particular Order) that we think may have been the hottest releases this year so far. Check it out below and please leave a comment.
(Note They Are grouped in No Particular Order)

1) Magasco Feat Mihney – Calypso :

Once again Magasco easily takes us to party with a smooth groovy Afro Dancehall – Calypso featuring the hot and sexy Mihney. 

Download Magasco Feat Mihney Calypso


2) Salatiel – Ayagayo (Good Times) :

Ayagayo”, derived from an onomatopoeia from a happy child, is a good vibe, sunshine-inspiring tune that speaks volumes about keeping things positive as Salatiel advises “…good times don’t come easy… but they do…eventually…

Click here to download Ayagayo (Good Times) by Salatiel

3) Locko – Meme Meme Choses :

A piece of bonafide beautiful music to enjoy in the most powerful way

Download Meme Meme Choses by Locko


4) Ridimz – Intimacy :

One half of Ridimz Phillbill beats surprisingly drop a solo effort – Intimacy. This is just a teaser from what ridimz may be made of.  Phillbill’s exquisite vocals float over the breezy beat with a increasingly mature and more intriguing musical aesthetic. This is one of my favorites

Click here to download Intimacy by Ridimz

5) Dj Arafat feat Tenor – Péter Les Plombs :

Tenor has a huge fan base in Ivory Coast and was close with the late Dj Arafat. Here one of Arafat’s posthumous releases. It is a club banger.

Download Péter Les Plombs By Dj Arafat feat Tenor

6) Vivid  – C’est Pas Le Njangsang :

I’ll be honest, anytime I listen to Vivid I get immediately excited. This is a perfect Cameroon Afro jam with lush synth breakdowns to make your playlist.

Download C’est Pas Le Njangsang By Vivid

7) Vernyuy Tina – Jéi :

One of the discoveries of the year 2019-2020, Vernyuy keeps her triumphant rise to the top with a south African inspired single – Jei. Enjoy

Click here to download Jei by Vernyuy Tina

8) Blanche Bailly – Mes Respects :

It’s worth listening to – Mes Respects by Blanche Bailly. The “Bon Bon” Singer Mixes Rumba with her vocals to birth a beautiful piece of good music.

Download Blanche Bailly Mes Respects

9) Ko-C – Mon Pala Pala :

Ko-C‘s Solo effort after leaving his record label – Big Dreams Entertainment. Mon Pala Pala is not Ko-C’s best sofar but its a try.

Download Ko-C MON Pala Pala

10) Ewube – Laisse Moi T’aimer :

Ewube brought her usual sweet voice on this one.  One of the favorites in her previously released EP.

Download Laisse Moi T’aimer by Ewube

11) Mr. Leo – Zege Zege :

In this song, Mr. Leo delivered some strong messages about slavery, drugs, colonization, war, etc.

Click Download Mr. Leo Zege Zege


12) Jovi – Mentality :

Incredible lyrics and production, Jovi’sMentality” boost him as one of the major rap influences in the Industry.

Download Jovi Mentality

13) Mimie – J’avance :

Mimie’sJ’avance is as charming tales of struggling and moving forward with everyday life and its tussles. The vibe is good and the video is even better. Enjoy

Click here to download J’avance by Mimie

14) Reniss – Commando :

Reniss has a special ability to diversify her music. Commando off her recently released album was produced by Jovi and its a hot number.

Click here to download Commando by Reniss


15) Rinyu – Chakara Love :

They call her “Cameroonian Simi” because of her dope vocals similar to Nigerian songstress SimiChakara Love is one of “a must-listen” in the industry. Enjoy

Download Chakara Love by Rinyu


16) Blaise B – Mr. Romantic :

His vocal highness came into the year early with Mr. Romantic. Enjoy

Click here to download Mr. Romantic by Blaise B


17) Afrobit Feat =Magasco – Blow Ma Mind :

Media House Afrobit hires Magasco for – Blow Ma Mind and Its banging

Download Blow Ma Mind by Magasco

 18) Ridimz Feat Ko-C and Aveiro Djess – Mbenguiste :

This rightfully romanticized laid-back breeziness and timeless coolness. “Mbenguiste” is plush and smooth, Enjoy

Download Mbenguiste by Ridmiz feat ko-c and Aveiro djess

19) Mr. leo X kameni X and Gomez – Lover :

I’d dare you not to dance upon hearing the latest single Africam Records featuring the trio of Lionn Production.

Download Lover by Mr. Leo X Kameni X Gomez

20) Salatiel – Touche Pas (Anita 2) : 

Continuation of Anita’s story, Salatiel, and Anita with visual realized by Dr. Nkeng Stephens. There’s a cathartic memoir of love in this one. The song has an easygoing addiction for fans of Salatiel.

Download Salatiel Touche Pas (Anita 2)


21) Daphne Feat Koffi Olomide – You Got It (Coller Serre) :

Seems like Awu’s “Yayayo” paved way for More Afro Rumba, Daphne featured Congolese music icon Koffi in a romantic piece.

Click Here To Download Daphne Feat Koffi Olomide You Got It (Coller Serre)


22) Tenor – Ils Ne Savent Pas :

The rapper has been struggling with getting back on top of his game. Ils Ne Savant Pas is worth listening to.

Click Here To Download Tenor Ils Ne Savent Pas


23) Tzy Panchak Feat Vernyuy Tina, Vivid and Cleo Grae – Who Be Actor :

This is a heartfelt message about the ongoing trials and tribulations plaguing the people of Cameroon (Anglophone Crises). 

Download Tzy Panchak Feat Vernyuy Tina, Vivid and Cleo Grae


24) Boy Tag Feat Daphne – Faraway :

Boy Tag and Daphne link up again to bring the long-awaited video of their single “Far Away”.

Click here to download Boy Tag Feat Daphne – Far Away


25) Ful Feat Daphne – Revien Moi :

Simmering synth beat, Vocalist Ful features Daphne in – Reviens Moi and it is beautiful.

Click here to download Ful Feat Daphne – Reviens Moi


26) Chalotte Dipanda – Quand Tu N’es Pas La :

No one serves Cameroon acoustic music like Charlotte Dipanda.  Enjoy Her New sound

Click here to download Quand Tu N’es Pas La by Chalotte Dipanda


27) Abz Feat Daphne – Ololiyo :

Abz and Daphne finally link up for  “Ololiyo”.

Download Ololiyo By Abz feat Daphne


28) Ishaku – Vuvuzela:

Newbell Music latest signee Ishaku made his music debut with Vuvuzela and he is definitely gonna be a force to reckon with. Enjoy

Download Vuvuzela by Ishaku


29) Fhish – Koro Koro :

Fhish is the prime example of the future of Cameroon Urban Music. Enjoy his 2020 release

Download Koro – Koro by Fhish


30) Bowy Dezz – Twerk It :

Soon Bwoy Dezz’s growl is gonna be welcomed. Twerk it is explicit and will take you to the edge. Get  a dose of pure Cameroon dancehall

Click here to download Twerk it by bowy dezz


31) Durand X Beatballer X Harris Sikah – Mini Mini :

In some ways—maybe most ways— Durand, Beatballer, and Harris Sikah seems like an insurmountable force. Check Out Mini Mini

Download Mini mini by Durand X Beatballer X Harris Sikah


32) Bwoy Dezz feat Dense Air – Alright :

One of my personal favorite of this year so far. Enjoy Alright by Bwoy Dezz Featuring Dense Air

Download Alright by Bwoy Dezz feat Dense Air


33) Rich Khasino – Na Dem Dat :

Rich KhasinoNa Dem Dat is the pure opposite of quietude.  ENjoy

Download Na Dem Dat by Rich Khasino


34) Dense Air Feat Bowy Dezz – Down In Your Bed :

Dense Air features Bwoy Dezz in another smooth Afro tune that you may like to check it out.

Download Down In Your Bed by Dense Air Feat Bowy Dezz

35) King B – 1 Stone :

One of the best pure Rap Songs of this year in Cameroon. Though it’s a diss track aimed at Ghana’s Lyrical Joe, 1 Stone got everyone up from their seats. ENjoy

Download 1 Stone by King B




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