Beautiful Cameroonian Comedian “Ruby Le Comedienne” Exposed on A pornographic Website



With over 200 thousand followers on social media, this popular comedian has followers who don’t just follow because of her comedies and arts but beauty and elegant lifestyle.

The young actress denounced the illicit use of her photos on pornographic sites, in order to entice visitors. Yvonne Akono aka Ruby Le Comedienne recently posted on her official Instagram Account that some of her photos were found on porn sites though she didn’t say which site was it but its normal for hackers to use faces of beautiful women on pornographic sites.

Below is a screenshot of her post on Instagram


Here is the translated version
“I would like to inform all those who have made the unfortunate choice to engage in sabotaging my image by malicious acts of a defamatory nature, through the illegal use of my photos on pornographic sites, accompanied by false information That a complaint has been sent to the police and that they will be systematically tracked down and prosecute those responsibly.”

Watch some of her Comedic Video Below


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