AFRIMA Debuts New Relation by talking with Cameroon Media and Stakeholders at a conference held in Douala


It has now become the most African Based Artist’s Dream to one day be the owner of this 3.2 Carat Gold Plated Trophy given by Afrima. And now it is even closer to Cameroon than some other African Countries. For the first time, it held a Press Conference in Cameroon to talk with Stakeholders and Music artists.

The All Africa Music Awards (also referred to as AFRIMA) is one of the continents most prestigious Award which is held on an annual base. The awards event was established by the International Committee AFRIMA, in collaboration with the African Union (AU) to reward and celebrate musical works, talents, and creativity around the African continent while promoting the African cultural heritage.

Afrima Press Conference in Douala
Afrima Press Conference in Douala

Representatives from Afrima came in the Country to educate, innovate and advocate on behalf of AFRIMA.


Their focus is to campaign for a fairer more transparent music Afrima Awards that operates in the interest of artists and their fans. They were also seeking a relationship with Cameroonians who will help continue to grow Cameroon’s engagement with Award and Also booster Peace as a means to unify Cameroon.


Charlotte Dipanda WIns Afrima
Charlotte Dipanda WIns Afrima

– Since it, Creation Cameroon has Won 10 times by eight Artists

– Afrima Winners in Cameroon include Charlotte Dipanda, Stanley Enow, Naomi Achu, Wax Dey, Manu Dibango, Montess, Locko, Daphne

Mr. Leo has been nominated Five times but has never won

Charlotte Dipanda is one of the leading all-time winner (Leading Female) with three Awards.

Wax Dey is a Cameroonian Ambassador to Afrima.

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