A Compelling Squabble between Epulle Jefferey and Itambi Delphine: The Cameroon Movie Industry

Epule Jeffery and Itambi Delphine
Epule Jeffery and Itambi Delphine

The Cameroonian movie industry over the years have been under criticism by movie lovers because of it’s unavailability. Movie makers have been criticized and questioned where Cameroonian movies can be found or watched. Some of these fans say they are tired of movies that disappear after premiers. This debate surfaced today when one of Kamer’s finest movie actor Epule Jeffrey brought up some observations and propositions which will go a long way to boost the movie sector there by generating money and satisfying the audience. Epule Writes;

“A few producers come together, say four or more. Put in a few of your film’s in that support. Add a few songs of our exceedingly great musicians with those well thought out exclusive music videos. Our audience can now watch from the comfort of their phones or Tv screens!
End of the harassment “where can I watch Cameroonian movies?”
Sell them online and on every big store or outlet!If we kind enough add a few comedy skits lol!
Let’s bring back the market to those who really want it by giving them power to choose their variety and see the beauty of Cameroonian entertainment again!
Make your movies available at your premieres!
Let’s move with the future and be the first to break the Cameroonan stereotype of “it can’t be done!”
You can’t kill the name… But u can try!

Epule Jefrey
Epule Jefrey

After the post made by Epule Jeffrey, movie Director, Producer and boss of Itambi Studios Itambi Delphine comes to say his suggestion are defunct. She goes ahead to say films are different from music videos and producers have a wrote map on how it works for them. She writes;

“Films are not music videos. They require a lot more budget to be produced
They have a festival circle of 2 years averagely and Yes a producer can choose to have a premiere and hit these festivals for those years before releasing on any Television, online platform or DVD release ( if need be) given that most renowned film festivals do NOT accept movies that have been streamed to the public. In the absence of Cinema releases producers do what they must do (Festival submissions) while seeking any kind of distribution for their movies. That’s the process and it’s not illegal. Stop harassing, insulting and insinuating you know what’s at stake when you have no clue. NO ONE WANTS THE AUDEINCE TO WATCH THEIR FILM MORE THAN THE PRODUCER: But they must be strategic because there is someone waiting for payback. THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. It’s their head on the line not yours.

It’s not fair to talk about movie distribution in Cameroon negatively if you don’t know what it entails. Keep watchx what is available. What is not will be when it’s time and you can still watch. Y’all really need to stop acting like smone enjoys putx millions into a movie and discardx it”

Itambi Delphine
Itambi Delphine

Whose side do you stand on because we at critiqsite are on the fence?


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