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Celebrity endorsement is regarded as one of the most successful marketing/advertising strategies. In Nigeria companies spending billions of Naira on endorsement deals involving celebrities and though it is still a new trend in Cameroon, some companies are gradually picking up the pace. By hiring endorsers, advertisers are of the opinion that a celebrity’s meaning, successes, and qualities could automatically transfer to their brands and products, thus translating into positive campaign results.

A brand ambassador is a person who represents a brand and embodies the company’s image in every way. This person promotes the company and its products and creates a positive image for the brand.
Some years back it was unusual to see a top Cameroonian celebrity been offered an endorsement deal but today celebrities like Mr. Leo, Tenor, Daphne, X- Maleya have been signed as brand ambassadors for major brands. Locko was recently signed as brand ambassador for the international Cognac Brand – Hennessy.


Edwin Eselem; a 14 year experienced corporate Communication expert at orange Cameroon recently on his interview on Cheers Magazine reveals the importance of celebrity branding.

Eddie Eselem On Branding

Read the Full Story Here ==> https://ekiosque.cm/produit/CHEERSMAGAZINEbr12092018/

Brand ambassadors are a great way to raise the profile and credibility of your brand while also promoting the brand to your target audience. By finding someone who embodies your brand you can communicate and appeal to your target audience, which will increase their brand awareness or brand loyalty.

Who are some of your favorite brand ambassadors in Cameroon?

SOURCES: Cheers Magazine


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