Tracy is a victim of the Ongoing Anglophone Crisis. You can support her in any way you can.


The Association of Cameroon English Speaking Bloggers has decided to use her influence to help Tracy, a victim of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis. We do count on your support as we all join efforts to create an impact in her life.

Message from her father on how it all happened:

“Monday the 3rd of September 2018 at about 11am in the morning, when the horrific incident happened. After having a family brunch they took off enroute to Foumban to go and prepare for school. “They”above refers to my friend, his daughter and my daughter. At S-bend around foncha junction bda, my friend heard a sound from behind. Thinking it was a flat tyre, he slowed down to check. Unfortunately for them, four more bullets were fired at them, this time from the side of the car. Luck was not on their side, my friend was mildly touched by de bullet and my daughter was the greater victim. Her own impact was so severe that all the flesh around her ankle was gone leaving just traces of bone and nerve ligament. At this juncture, a God-sent motorbike was passing by which helped to carry them to the regional hospital in bda where they were administered urgent medical attention”.
Please check her father’s contact on the flier for support.

Name: Gamnje Ebenezer Ndi

#HelpTracy #ACESB


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