Top 10 Best Cameroonian Songs Released in April 2021.

top 10 best Cameroonian songs music in april
top 10 best Cameroonian songs music in april 2021

Hello, Welcome to the 10 Best Cameroonian Songs released in April 2021. April 2021 in the Cameroon Music world was a very busy month full of musical activities with songs released back to back. On today agenda we will be looking at the top 10 best Cameroonian songs released in April 2021 and a display of their videos:

Top 10 best Cameroonian Songs released in April 2021.

10. Sevo Nchifor – African Mama.

Sevo Nchifor the “Azonto Doctor” is a Cameroonian American Based artist who released this track as a reminder to African Women that Black is beautiful.

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9. Dense Air – Breda

Breda a track from the Album King Himself Album is related to the Jamaican word meaning ‘brother’.

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8. Kobo – President of Government.

President Of Government is a sensitization song that reminds Cameroonians about march 2020 corona Virus Measures.

  • Label: More Money Much
  • Producer: Dp Star Yong
  • Director: Declo.

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7. BMD 11 – Party

BDM 11 Comes through with this debut single of the year titled Party.

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6. Jbwai Feat Ko-c Busy Body Remix.

Jbwai a Cameroonian Afro-pop Singer decided to do a remix to Party with Ko-c the hitmaker and rapper.

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5. Lydol feat Aveiro Djess Bango Bango.

Talented Singer Lydol released “Bango Bango” featuring Aveiro Djess.

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4. Cleo Grae – Grasshopper.

Cameroon Singer and versatile rapper Cleo Grae dropped his second single of the year in April titled GrassHopper.

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3. Ewube – Kpe  Kpe

Ewube released her first single for 2021 in April titled ‘Kpe Kpe‘ meaning everything narrating a love story between two partners.

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2. Magasco – Give.

Cameroon Afro-pop singer Magasco Released “Give his first single released in 2021.

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1. Mr. Leo – Jei Jei.

Mr. Leo has been busy all this while, working on this project that gave birth to this hit track Jei Jei, released on April 2nd, 2021. leading his crew member embarking on this journey to find their root directory gave birth to this hot track that drew much local and international media attention.

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