The paranoia of the female Indomitable Lionesses have caused them their esteem


This match proved to be one of the most awaited matches in the round of 16 knock out stage which ended in a 3-0 defeat for Cameroon.

How ever the football community was left shocked by the unprofessional display of conduct by the lioness of Cameroon of a good number of VAR decisions.

England coach Phil Neville slammed the Cameroonian team for some of the worst behaviour he’d seen on a football pitch, saying it had left him ‘completely and utterly ashamed’.

As FIFA launched an investigation into a match which saw Cameroon twice delay play for long periods so they could argue with officials about VAR decisions, Neville fumed: ‘If my team played like that they would never play for England again.’

On top of the arguments about VAR, England’s Lionesses were spat on, elbowed in the face, and crunched in late tackles.

 More VAR drama ensued following a horror challenge from Cameroon substitute Alexandra Takounda Engolo

Neville traced the behaviour back to the Cameroonian manager, Alan Djeumfa, who defended his players and insisted after the game that it had been a ‘miscarriage of justice’. 

Tempers flared after a number of decisions appeared to go against the African nation, including two match-changing offsides at Stade du Hainaut in Valenciennes, France.

Replay of off side

Striker Ellen White tucked away England’s second during the first half’s injury time – before it was ruled offside by Chinese referee Qin Liang, then overturned using the VAR system.

This sparked Cameroon players to furiously claim Nikita Parris, who was offside, was part of the play – despite her standing on the left side of the pitch and not touching the ball.

Leuko (RIGHT) ELBOWED Nikita (left)

This stalled the game for over three minutes before restarting the match, without any punishment from the referee.

The Indomitable Lionesses, were livid by the decision and Ejangue allowed her emotions to get the better of her as she spat at Duggan.

The Lioness pointed at the ball of saliva on her arm, but referee Liang chose not to punish the act.

Toni (left) notices saliva on her hand

Steph Houghton then dispatched the indirect free kick – which had been awarded for a backpass – for the opening goal.

Moments earlier, Cameroon’s Yvonne Leuko also elbowed Nikita Parris in the face.

How ever most football fans think it is part of the game and such things happen. We cannot control what they do and we have to make sure we focus on making more professional.

VAR is part of the game and people aren’t always going to agree. It is there for a reason.



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