The Birth of a Pan-African Prophet; Ibali The Spiritual Artist

Ibali (Cameroonian Afrobeat Singer)
Ibali (Cameroonian Afrobeat Singer)

Formerly known as Dolly Pearl, he now adopts a new moniker while on his quest for spiritual music

Officially now known as Ibali and now describe his music as “Spiritual Music”. Ibali’s debut single titled Legendary is a highly spiritual and melodious song dedicated to African Heroes.

"Legendary" - Ibali
“Legendary” – Ibali

The song is aimed at Emancipating Africans from Mental Slavery, Political Spirituality, and Imperialism.

Produced by CFX.

Written by Ibali.

Additional Vocals by Joys & Elizabeth of (Wulibali Band) Piano by Enoch of (Wulibali Band) Guitars by Simplice of (Wulibali Band) Percussion By Bob of (Wulibali Band) Bass By CFX Mix/Mastercard by Dj Karl

Ibali (Cameroonian Afrobeat Singer) 2

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