[SOCIAL]: Mystiq Snack Bar Opens its doors! Mystiq Snack Bar –  the new most trendy spot in Douala at the moment




Mystiq Snack Bar - photography by ngufor-visuals (32 of 32)

Douala—07-09-2017Are you looking for the perfect spot to turn up with friends or relax after a stressful day? Look no further, Mystiq is here! Take this opportunity to discover a new and unique spot, in the heart of Douala, bringing an exceptional touch to night life in this beautiful city.Mystiq snack bar is cozy, classy and well situated and will give you that special electric feel. With their wide range of liquor which includes different brands and caliber, be sure to get complete satisfaction. Of course, all these come along with excellent customer service.

At Mystiq snack bar you will feel at home because there, the customer is King!



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