[Profile]: Get to Know about the Group 2 Squad


2SQUAD is a Cameroonian music group/band consisting of Njela Edward and Nfor Brian both from the North West Region of Cameroon. The former is a holder a bachelor’s degree in English modern letters from the University of Yaounde 1 while the latter holds an Advanced Level Certificate.

The duo got into music in 2011 and fell in love Afropop and trap music which they have held on tight till date. Since their introduction into the Cameroon music scene, they have released Two audio singles titled “C’est le travail qui paye”, produced by Phillbill and “Wuside you be dey” produced by Big Joe and Salatiel; both released on May 18th, 2018 and available in digital stores.

The video of their debut single titled “c’est le travail qui paye” was recently shot in Douala; directed by NE films is scheduled to drop soon. With all hands on deck and full energy directed towards the release and promotion of their first video, they are very determined and dedicated to making this video readily available to the public. They equally plan to engage in the shooting of their second video for the track “Wusai you be dey” almost immediately after the release of the pending video project. They plan to do these alongside other projects with recording being of prime importance.

Although 2SQUAD has been working as an independent group for more than 7 years now, all of their projects have managed to reach realization stage with finances from personal savings, thanks to the understanding and team spirit that has led them thus far; owing to the notion that “two heads are better than one”. They added that it has been a wonderful process though with some challenges encountered but positive energy from both parties and the zeal to move further kept them motivated. Their experience and efficiency are thanks to longevity which to them has been their major achievement so far. However, they are ready to focus and get into the real music business in order to monetize their art while striving to get sponsors or investors in the near future


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