[Politics]: Presidential candidate predicts civil war in Cameroon


The candidate of patriotique pour le changement au Cameroun (MPCC), Jean Blaise Gwet, presented his plan to solve the socio-political crisis that paralyzes the North-West and South-West since October 2016. He proposes a better distribution of wealth of the country, infrastructures, and works [this measure corresponds to certain demands formulated by the Anglophones with regard to the government, Editor’s note], as well as a bitter fight against the nepotism and the corruption.

If he is elected president, Jean Blaise Gwet promises to release all nationals of English-speaking regions held in the context of the crisis. “If nothing is done, other pockets of tension may open and we will go straight to a civil war that could contaminate the entire sub-region,” he said in an interview published Wednesday on the site from Jeune Afrique magazine.

Far from advocating federalism, he intends to implement a “better decentralization”, which takes into account the specificities of each region and each cultural identity that is there.

“It will be necessary to ask the question, via the Assembly or by a referendum, of the form of the State. We can adopt a stronger regionalism without going to a federation. We must above all respect each other’s culture and reflect together on the preservation of national unity. I am open and it will be up to Cameroonians to decide, “says the politician.

On various other points of his potential mandate, Jean Blaise Gwet thinks to fight against corruption, without, however, engaging in a witch hunt. This is how he says he is “in favor” of the release of the politicians arrested in the context of l’opération Epervier, a “peaceful” retreat of the current President Paul Biya and the rehabilitation and transfer (from Senegal in Cameroon) of the remains of the late head of state Ahmadou Ahidjo.

It also plans to renationalise the water, energy, rail and air transport sectors, as well as the recognition of dual nationality. “Cameroon is waiting for change. We must put in place the living conditions that allow peace, social cohesion and fulfillment. This involves an African currency, a double nationality permit, diaspora involvement, life insurance for the military and police, health coverage for each citizen, but also a two-round presidential election and mandates of head of state, “insists Jean Blaise Gwet.

The declared presidential candidate 2018 plans to join civil society and diaspora organizations to publicize his program.

SOURCES: Journal Du Cameroun


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