N.A.T is a Rare Voice in The Kamer Music Industry

N.A.T - Pays
N.A.T - Pays

The ongoing crisis in Cameroon has left a lot of misery in the anglophone regions. N.A.T  a young Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer, who hails from the North West Region uses his voice to speak up. This artiste is one of those Cameroonian singers with a rare vocal cord. Popularly known and called  One Man Choir by friends because of his ability to sing and blend vocals( Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass), N.A.T delivers amazingly each time he sings. Listening to him at times gets you feeling like you listening to an Opera.

N.A.T just released a new song titled “Pays” (Produced by Mageek Feengaz) which in English means Country. Inspired and the desire to voice the plight of the common man living in the English speaking regions of Cameroon, the singer paints a vivid picture by recounting a story. Pays is the artiste voicing out what is happening in his context. The content of the song tells the story of his two personae who had dreams of achieving their goals in their different fields of interest. Unfortunately, they are caught up in the struggle and forced to escape for safety (Elephants dem di fight na grass di suffer) but Ngwa dies from a stray bullet. The artiste laments about the innocent lives lost as they are caught in the crossfire. The artiste lays emphasizes on the importance of dialogue cuz the common man is the one paying the price.

The singer transports the listener into his mood through his vocal and performance. His emotional performance transmits that pain and sadness he feels inside. The themes handled are; despair, hope, dreams, friendship, war, crises, death etc. The form of the song is embedded with Pathos, Animal Imagery, symbolism, sarcasm, Irony etc. The dominant language use is Pidgin.

Watch N.A.T – Pays Video Below:


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