Music Review: Boy Tag-“Rap god Cover”


On Wednesday 3rd April 2019 one of Cameroon’s finest rappers and lyricists Boy Tag tried himself on Eminem’s Rap god beat in what many may refer to as a claim to actually be 237’s “Rap god”. This is a bold claim considering the original track is from none other than Slim Shady/ EMINEM who is arguably one of the greatest if not THE greatest MC of All Time. In this review we’ll analyse his lyrics and style and see how much he comes close to being a 237 “Rap god”.


“Now either they be talking about jealousy or talk about hate/focus all your energy and put it on a skate/to roll it and better control it/I’m closing all those opposing the best but never come for the debate….”

This introductory lines clearly prove that Boy Tag positions himself as the best and invites other rappers to come for the debate and quite possibly a battle. This is further enforced by the bars below

“My shit is to men is a menace the ting is don’t mess with my shit/you nest this/pest inside but like a pesticide/I’ll put y’all pests aside and show your best what your chipets recite…”

He lays emphasis on tough wordplay and multi syllabic rhyming like Eminem himself.

“I’m hoping for a better way of doing something that I ever wanted/When u talk about the rap I never see any opponent…”.

Conclusively when it comes to the lyrical depth expressed by Boy Tag we can clearly see a man with a desire for competition who sets the bar high. We can also note the “braggadoccio” aspect of his lyrics as his bars are mostly centered around him and how good he is.


Boy Tag opted for a multisyllabic rhyme scheme with a very fast pace. Known for his hard hitting punchlines and extremely fast flow, he’s ripped the instrumental to shreds ny coupling the lyrical depth with linguistic versatility. He did this by adopting “trilingualism” dropping bars in English, French and his dialect.

All in all Boy Tag’s version of Rap god is the type of thing the 237 Hip-Hop industry needs in the near future but massively lacks at the moment. Just raw and pure hardcore rap. To know if Boy Tag really is Cameroon’s “Rap god” is yet to be determined but until any response by an artist to claim that title, we clearly can’t deny that Boy Tag is an undeniable #1 Contender.

Boy Tag-Rap god Cover


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