[MOVIE TRAILER]: Watch the trailer for the TV Series – Three Wives –



The Trailer for Season 1, for the TV Series ”THREE WIVES” is out now! A MARYBENZ PRODUCTION; Written, Directed and Produced by Gassama Mariama Ikome popularly known as Marybenz in the Entertainment Circus. The story follows the lives of three young couples in their matrimonial struggles…As the story unfolds we meet these three young couples who are faced with the challenges Marriage brings. Mr. Lifange Married to Patience who is semiliterate yet pretty, ignorantly,  caring and vivacious loves her husband dutifully…this love is turned into hate when Becky… The wife of Mr. Ikome makes her understand that she is wasting her life away while her husband is out there catching fun with hot and sexy university students….as if that is not enough…Becky who is the “finest” “sexiest” most sophisticated of the Three would stop at nothing to make Ruth Mr. Ekwa’s Wife believe that…refusing your husband his matrimonial rights (sex) is the best way to bring a man to love you…Meanwhile back at home, she (Becky) worships the ground her husband threads on…while casting a completely opposite idea to be accepted by the other wives hence putting the two ladies at logger heads with their respective husbands…but things changed when Mr Lifange finds out that patience is pregnant with his first child. Becky becomes jealous and wants to get pregnant for her husband as well…the question here is.. Do ALL MEN take the news of pregnancy the same way?…The drama continues when Sylvia comes to Mr Lifange’s house as a hired maid to help Patience around since her husband didn’t want anything to happen to the baby…but has Mr Lifange just brought a potential “surrogate” for Mr Ekwa whose wife is finding it difficult to conceive or what? But like the saying goes! “Not all that glitters is gold” who infected Sylvia With HIV? Is it Mr Ekwa or she brought it from the pit of hell?… The Three wives finally became pregnant but did they get what was expected from their husbands?…what did they do to To make their husbands Hands-on dads? Find out in This Television drama THREE WIVES Season one…. starring; FONDE COLLINS as MR IKOME , MBENG LILIAN as BECKY,WUNG VIOLET as PATIENCE BECHEM BISONG BB as MR EKWA ,ELODIE TAH as SYLVIA ,MBULAV  SORNILA as MR LIFANGE and EYONG MARIE as RUTH.



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