Insights to Bwoy Dezz Revival Ep: A New Dawn For Kamer Dancehall Music

Bwoy Dezz
Bwoy Dezz - Revival

Dancehall music is a genre of urban folk music which came out of Jamaica in the mid to late 1970s and is generally considered to be the direct predecessor of rap. Dancehall music is, in its most basic form, a deejay toasting (or rapping) over a riddim. Dance hall music for years now has not been given the attention needed meanwhile some of the Dancehall artiste Like Ben Zil, Lauren B, Palesto, Brino Man have been putting in work to see that this sector blossom.

The fact that the genre is meant for the dance floor, one will wonder why it has slow growth in a country with all the clubs, snacks and Disc Jokers we have. Bwoy Dezz on his part arrives with a re-awakening, restoration, consciousness, vigour, strength, love on his new Ep titled The Revival. From the title, one can deduce that it is a new dawn for this genre. The singer extensively uses the Jamaican Patois in his delivery but the themes and music gets you straight to the dance floor. The artiste collaborates on two songs, one with crispy who proves his versatility and Dense air. Though inspired by both reggae and dancehall artiste like Marley, Popcaan, Stone Bwoy etc, the artiste got his own unique technique and style.

Track one titled Chargie feat Crispy talks about the party and lifestyle of the artiste. Both artiste talks about how crazy things turn up in the club when they come around. Always a commotion when they around. A Dijay Karl production.

Track two titled Ever is produced by King Gunz. The song is a warning for us to be careful about those that surround us. The singer prays he is never betrayed by friends for those around us at times turn out to be sellouts.

Track three titled Lifestyle is produced by king Gunz. The artiste here presents his self-esteem. He also talks about how they are trendsetters and no one does it better than Kushlife. It is always a turn up with girls and commotion when he and his crowd pulls up.

Track four titled Mariwana is produced by Dijay Karl. On this song, the artiste switches from the dancehall vibe to reggae. He talks about the medical advantages of marijuana. The artiste here celebrates the plant which he also personifies by attributing feminine qualities to it. He expresses his love for it as he and his friends take pleasure in it.

Track five titled Naughty girl is produced by King Gunz. The writer on this song paints a picture of his erotic and sensual moment with his naughty girl.

Track six titled Rebel is produced by Dijay Karl and it features Dense Air. The song talks about staying and respecting each other’s lane. These artistes are all about their grind while keeping their hood clean.

The project is rich when it comes to content and form but the Jamaican Patios and some themes handled makes it difficult for Cameroonians to relate because of diction. In a nutshell, the Revival Ep is what will turn your party from Zero to 100% vibe in a second.

Grab a copy of Bwoy Dezz Revival Ep via link below;


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