New Bell Music Present Tropical Vibes EP


New Bell Music artists release the compilation EP Tropical Vibes Vol. 1. Produced by Le Monstre, with songs from Reniss, Tata, RCHL, and Jovi, you can download the EP on Bandcamp here!

Before you start saying naahhh this album is boring, read the title again; it says Tropical Vibes NOT MbokoGod or H.I.V. or 16 Wives, so don’t get in here expecting to hear some amazing lyrics from Jovi. It is a dynamic contemporary Sound that you gonna enjoy if you take your time to listen to it.

  1. Tata – Ambiance (feat. Reniss): Probably the best song in the whole project, I am loving this song 100%. Tata and Reniss give in the best of what they can do, with a style of music so unique. Produced by Jovi LE MONSTRE ENJOY  BELOW

Download Ambiance (feat. Reniss)

2. RCHL – UCU: Take your time to listen to this. These guys are just too smart to release wack songs. Rachel sings in a new wave synth pop style that will make you feel like you are listening to the iconic Cyndi Lauper. Jovi Le Monstre is on another level of production skills. I can bet that this guy can produce for Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus et al. My Second Favorite of this EP, You can download the EP on Bandcamp here!

3. Reniss – Face 2 Face:  Before Reniss‘s viral – Dans La Sauce, she had a style of her own which some people are still facing difficulties in accepting it. Well, here is the real and honest Reniss. Appreciate
You can download the EP on Bandcamp here!

4. Jovi – Inside: These guys have a plan to sell their music out of Cameroon. Jovi is gradually commercializing his music. Inside has that Tekno feel that may be loved in Asian and American Pub Bars.  You can download the EP on Bandcamp here!


Critiqsite EP Ratings: 6.5/10



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