[Anglophone Crises]: Samuel Eto’o on an Impossible Mission to Resolve the Anglophone Crises


A symbolic person in Cameroon, soccer icon Samuel Eto’o Fils was asked by the Cameroonian government to lead a mission in the English-speaking part of Cameroon to share his experience with students and youths of these regions and to encourage them to return to school.

Nalova Lyonga, newly appointed Cameroon’s Minister of Secondary Education ask Samuel Eto’o Fils to lead this mission.

This is for the double champion of Africa to encourage students to return to classes. Because of the threats of the armed separatists, 33 schools have been burned down, the others closed and at least 33,000 students were consequently put on the street. Also, taking the full measure of the mission entrusted to him, the Cameroon striker said: ” The sport gave me everything, I will share with the young people my experience. ” “I am available for everything. Cameroon belongs to us all, we can not build our country without peace” Said Samuel Eto’o who intends to meet the challenge of his new role: emissary of peace in the English-speaking regions

Samuel Eto’o accepted the mission of peace, in the grip of an early civil war. Long forgotten by the government of Yaoundé, the region is shaken by riots, after decades of economic and political demands. Fleeing the repression of the army, 20,000 English-speaking Cameroonians have fled to Nigeria.

This experience is all the more eloquent in that the player has moved from a very modest background to climb the heights of world football and become the richest African footballer of all time, with a personal fortune estimated at more than 120 billion CFA francs.

At the height of the Ivorian crisis, the former captain of the Elephants, Didier Drogba, also appealed to the belligerents to lay down their arms. It was October 8, 2005, when he had just qualified the Ivorian selection for his first world cup. The legend of Chelsea also went to Bouaké, the stronghold of the rebellion, on March 28, 2007, to present his trophy for best African player to Guillaume Soro, the Secretary-General of the Forces Nouvelles.

SOURCES: France Info, AfriMag


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