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We now accept display adverts, text adverts, and animated adverts on CRITIQSITE.COM (CHUMEDIA LTD) is a premium online music blog that promotes Cameroon and African sounds. We provide our users with high-quality songs from various artists in Cameroon and Africa, clean visuals for every of their released videos and we have made it very possible for all of our users to get the songs and videos with no hassle whatsoever. We invite you to get your campaign online with us. Send us a message today @ [ or ]

Our Monthly Statistics

We are currently getting over 2Million+ pageviews with Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania & United States, as the countries with the most views. Audience ages ranges from 16-70 years of ages.

Why Should I Work With You?

Larger Reach

With over 2 million visits on our Website, be rest assured Millions of Cameroonians and other Africans will get to know about your New song, download and enjoy it. You Can Test by: Google Any Music Keywords and See our Result Rank

Team of Experts

We've got a Team of Vibrant young music promotion experts who will handle your Music Promotion in utmost regards to deliver amazing results that will surely wow you.

Years Of Experience

With over 4 years in the game, we've gone through many trials and errors and now we can tell you the best way to promote your Song online if awesome result is what you want.


Level 1

$ 92.42 Monthly
  • Social Media Push
  • Five Facebook Influencer Post
  • Critiqsite Music Of the Day
  • Blog Post + Share On Social Media

Level 2

$ 277.26 Monthly
  • All Level 1 Plus
  • Hottest songs listing
  • Music banner advert
  • Critiqsite Music of the week
  • Street Promo Mix
  • Critiqsite Songs to Listen
  • Critiqsite Facebook Live Interview

Level 3

$ 462.11 Monthly
  • Plus Level 1 and 2
  • Critiqsite music giveaway promo
  • Critiqsite site homepage sticking/pinning
  • Critiqsite artiste of the month
  • Critiqsite floating music banner/player
  • Critiqsite music controversial post
  • Critqsite recommended songs
  • One Month Facebook and Instagram Sponsored Post

Level 4 PR Package:

Here we sign a contract with Chumedia and we will be responsible for planning and implementing digital PR campaigns in line with our clients' goals. Regularly research and source partners/influencers, create relationships and maintain a database of online and offline contacts. ... Plan, source and evaluate content for multiple social media platforms.

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