Fally Ipupa’s Sold Out Palais De Sport Concert in Yaounde: Between Tenor and Maahlox Who can Fill up


I think its high time we get involved in this Fally Ipupa‘s Fill uptrend. After the Congolese Rumba superstar Fally Ipupa‘s famous sold-out show at the popular Multipurpose Sports Complex Palais Des Sports Arena in Yaounde last Saturday.  Note that the arena has a population capacity of more than 5 000 persons. Cameroon based A-list singers reacted and question why they themselves cant gather that much crowd during their shows. Below are some of the reactions from some singers

It’s quite fortunate and unfortunate that some die-hard fans won’t just let someone rest as events unfold about the whole situation.

Now the real question is – Which Cameroonian Artist Can shut down the ‘Palais Des Sports Complex in Yaounde‘?

Both Tenor and Maalox LeVibreur have given themselves and their fans a challenge to fill up this famous sports Arena.

Tenor who is slightly above Maahlox in Social Media Following with a total of more than 222.000 Social Media followers for both they (Read About Top most Followed Cameroonian Artist Here)

Now Let’s settle this here based on facts about both artist; Comment Below if you think Either of them can do the Job






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