Saturday, July 4, 2020

[Comedy]: Moustik Karismatik Scans Samuel Eto’o Fils (Very Funny)

    In a new episode of his weekly comedy skits,  Moustik Karismatik leads The Anti-Stress Brigade to victimized  Antalyasor striker  Samuel Eto'o, watch, like and comment below  

[Very Funny]: Watch Comedian Moustik Le Karismatik Parodises Maahlox Le Vibreur

Popular Cameroonian Comedian Moustik Karismatik is back again and this time around he parodies popular musician "Maahlox LeVribeur". Watch Below, Enjoy and Share

[New Comedy SKIT]: Moustik Karismatik Feat Ruby Comedienne in “La Patrouille”

Cameroonian comedian Moustik Karismatik is out with a new hilarious skit – “La Patrouille (The Patrol)” featuring beautiful comedienne "Ruby Le Comedienne" Find out what...

[JUST FOR FUN] What Is The Longest Distance You’ve Traveled To See A Babe...

I know of many guys that will turn down the offer of Traveling to another Region for Meeting that will change their Lives but...
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