Wednesday, January 27, 2021
"Na Douala Dis"- Pele King

Download: Pele King – Na Douala Dis (Directed by Dopeshots)

Cameroon-based uprising artist Pele King is serving us again with an afro vibe titled "Na Douala Dis" which means "This is Douala" in the English...
"Twerk" - Fuchor, Askia

Download: Fuchor Feat Askia – Twerk (Directed by Tallanga )

Fuchor is a young Cameroonian rapper.'Twerk" is a  scene where ladies shake their buttocks. In the song, "Twerk" Fuchor features Cameroonian rap diva Askia. 'Twerk"...
"Ne Me Mens Pas" - Ful

Download: Ful – Ne Me Mens Pas (Directed by KYS The Lion King)

Ful is a Cameroonian singer and songwriter. Ful is a protege of the renowned French artist Singuila."Ne Me Mens Pas" is a song taken...
"For The Culture" - Tzy Panchak,Vegah, Soul, Benny, Chindo, Ekiti, Savji, T.R, Oluwa, Suh,  Ankia

Download: Tzy Panchak Feat Vegah, Soul , Benny , Chindo, Ekiti,Savji, T.R, Oluwa, Suh,...

"For The Culture" is a song that came about as a challenge launched by Tzy Panchak. The contest was launched on June 6th, 2020...
"Holy Water" - Crispy

Download: Crispy – Holy Water (Directed by Dr Nkeng Stevens)

Rapper and singer Crispy laces out a good video titled "Holy Water"."Holy Water" is a song that draws inspiration from the artist's struggles. The...
Carimo Imperatrice - Boss Lady

Download: Carimo Imperatrice -Boss Lady (Directed By NS Pictures)

Carine Mongoue is the CEO of Carimo Empire ie CARIMO COSMÉTIQUES, CARIMO DIÉTÉTIQUE, CARIMO HAUTE COUTURE, CARIMO IMMOBILIER, and Founder of the Carine Mongoue...

Download: KKDK – TIORISTE MBOLE (Directed by Douglas Bind)

December is definitely a festive month where artistes (famous and newbies) make their song release to get notoriety for instance "Happy" with his title...
"Sister Monica" - Philz

Download: Philz Feat Shade – Sister Monica (Directed by Kevin O)

Sister Monica is an exquisite piece from Cameroonian rapper Philz who is based In China, Beijing. The song "Sister Monica" talks about a guy...
"Cover Me" - Rinyu

Download: Rinyu – Cover Me (Directed by Chuzih)

After thrilling us with beautiful singles and colorful videos, talented singer and songwriter Rinyu only thought it was to remember God as the year...
"Drip" - Ngoma

Download: Ngoma – Drip (Directed by Shamak Allharamadji)

Ngoma is a Cameroonian rapper who has defined his own style as a rapper."Drip" is a song that stems from his Ep "Cam No...