Monday, April 19, 2021

Cameroon’s emerging Football star Remy Tazifor signs with Detroit city FC

It’s not more than 2 years since Cameroonian born Remy Tazifor (a.k.a Alexander Song) from the Anglophone part of Cameroon more precisely from the...

[People]: Meet the 10-year-old human calculator Sibahle Zwane From South Africa

Ten-year-old Sibahle Zwane has the rare ability to calculate maths sums off the top of his head. The 10-year old grade 4 maths genius...

Our Review of Magasco’s Golden Show Concert [PICTURES AND VIDEOS]

It's Obvious that Saturday, 22nd December 2018 has served as a monumental day for Cameroonian superstar Magasco and the Cameroonian Music Industry as a whole. Though...