[HotđŸ”„Music+Profile]: The Next Pan-African Star Ricky Dollar makes Music Debut


From Selling Top Class “Human Hair” and Now He is making his music debut and Ain’t nothing stopping Ricky Dollar from this Journey!

The Ricky EMPIRE front liner – Ricky Dollar comes through with his career Debut self titled single “Ricky Dollar“.

‘Ricky Dollar‘is a tune that talks about money, success and love. While we enjoy this new fresh tune, we should Endeavor to follow him on all social Media Networks and stay up to date as he bless the fans with fresh contents.

The song was produced by Heavy weight producer, Sangtum.

Mini Biography

Ricky Dollar Had never planned to be an artist, though from a middle Class Family – He is a very hardworking young person who always had dreams of making much more money. He may be a popularly known business man known as Prince Fashion who sells and supply female Hairs ( “Human Hair”). But recently a chance decision changed everything.

Being a fan of Afropop Music especially drawing inspiration from Mr. Leo, Davido, Wizkid, Kikoh, Ricky took a huge life decision to embark on his musical journey.

With the help of renowned Producer Sangtum and Kikoh, Ricky Dollar succeeded in fusing gleaming Afropop rhythms with his gleefully strong Cameroonian accent (and Lyrics extolling the virtue of getting rich and braggadocios lifestyle), His self titled debut single – Ricky Dollar is an Afrobashment tune composed with all the attitude of “Franglais Pop” but a theme Melody and dance appeal of its own, it felt like it could only have come from Ricky Dollar and may be a turning point of His musical journey.
The Music Video for Ricky Dollar has already been shot and the video will be available on a latter date



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