[Download][Hot Music]: Roqzen Finila – Sekem (Produced by Method J)


After  Roqzen Finila’s  debut single “ WOSO “ in  2018 which had a blend  of mixed ( English , pidgin , and Nso ) languages , he  kick starts 2019 with a new audio single titled “SEKEM

SEKEM” a word from the Nso dictionary  meaning “TAKE MINE” is a masterpiece with  a combination of Western and African vibe which  does not only blend multi-languages but also breeds  culture especially in its instrumental as Method J  Tabiy the producer employs the use of gongs , shakers  and drums to create another formula for an afro-trap jam.

This rap track “SEKEM” teaches work  , hope , success and humility. It preaches  that as we benefit from others , we should  let others also benefit from us as goes the  saying “one stick of match can light thousands of  candles”.

Download Roqzen Finila  – Sekem (Mp3)