Here is Our List of Top Underrated Cameroonian songs of 2018


Obviously, this list is about songs that deserve more reputation. All of these should have been hits. All of them! Based on the sheer volume of music that gets released now, it’s impossible to expose your ears to every single new record. Of course, there are the best of the best songs that garner national play, critical praise or both, but too often, exciting releases from emerging artists or those who have yet to break through to the mainstream fall through the cracks. Again, Cameroonians have a SERIOUS issue of consuming their own songs. To give your playlist something new: here are some of the best songs from the past year 2018 that you may have missed.

Anyway, comment for who you think deserves/deserved more attention?

1.  Les Featurists – Livam

Download Featurist feat Kedjevara – Livam (Mp3)


Download Reniss – Doudou (Mp3)

3. Blaise B – On Fait Comment?

Download Blaise B – On Fait Comment (Mp3)

4. Big Game – La Chose Là

Download Big Game – La Chose La (Mp3)

5. Prince P – Welcome

Download Prince P – Welcome

6. Wax Dey – Non-Non

Non Non by Wax Dey is the theme song of the popular reality show – Number One Girl Season Three. Enjoy Below

  Download Wax Dey – Non Non (Mp3)
7. KO-C – Caro

Ko-C has proved to critics that he can be a really talented single as well as his usual rap skills. Caro is one of his most underrated songs. The video features the beautiful comedieneMuriel Blanche. Watch

288,622 views On youtube Enjoy

Download KO-C Caro (Mp3)

8. Jeeno – No Worry Featuring Montess

One of Cameroon’s most underrated talent, Jeeno’s Collaboration with Montess is worth adding on this list. Enjoy this cool jam below


9. MihneyPandemie

She easily stand out as one of the hottest female rappers in Central Africa. Signed to Gabon’s biggest record Label – Eben. They invested well in the production of Pandemie. Its underated, Full stop. Enjoy Below


10. Jovi – Pimentcam

Arguably Jovi’s most successful single in 2018. This guy has potential to sell Cameroon worldwide. Enjoy Pimentcam


11. Salatiel ft. Magasco – Sans Complexe

12. Tilla Tafari – Used To



If only both the original the remix of this song could make it to Trace TV. Here is of of Cameroon’s best released song in 2018. Enjoy

Download Awu – Sidomina (Mp3)

14. Tzy Panchak – I’m Not Lucky

Download Tzy Panchak – I’m Not Lucky (Mp3)

15. Tilla Tafari – Ola Olé

Its a shame that this video has just below 20.000 views on YouTube. I think it deserved more. Tilla really worked hard in 2018, we hope her 2019 will be better

Good Jam Enjoy

Download Tilla Tafari – Ola Ole (Mp3)

16. Djara – Dorty Talk

A video of this song could make more sense. Enjoy the comic song below

Download Djara – Dorty Talk (Mp3)

17. Md Lyonga – IYA /Buea Pikin

He is probably one of the most popular young Cameroonian based in Canada because of his effort he puts in by doing music and touring. Enjoy

Download MD Lyonga – Iya Buea Pikin (Mp3)

18. Gasha Le Meilleur

Once very famous Gasha attempts another comeback with – Le Meilleur. This song got her nominated for the Prix Découvertes RFI 2018. Enjoy

Download Gasha – Meilleur (Mp3)

19. Reniss – Night Life feat. Jovi

One of my favorite song of 2018. It plays atleast once a day for the past 6 months on my playlist. This is pure hit … Enjoy

Download Reniss – Night Life (Mp3)


One of the best collaboration of 2018, Enjoy

Download Pit Baccardi – Trop Parler (Mp3)

21. Z – Tra – Gigolo

Fans praised her style in this song,

Download Z-tra – Gigolo (Mp3)

22. Gomez – Beaute

Released under Mr. Leo‘s – Lionn Production, Beaute celebrates women in a soulful way. Enjoy

Download – Gomez- Beaute (Mp3)

23. Mr Shyne – Yemalé

Download – Mr. Shyne – Yemale (Mp3)

24. Stanley Enow – Casanova

We though this was gonna be Stanley Enow‘s best release of 2018 until he dropped the mega Hit – My way. Casanova still remains underrated. Enjoy

Download Stanley Enow – Casanova (Mp3)

25. Blaise B – Mama

“Our” vocal Highness Blaise B pour in smooth vocal as he celebrates his mother. Good music


Download Blaise B – Mama (Mp3)

26. Numerica – Validé

We may not be right about this, It should be one of the hottest of the year but the views doesn’t go up. Its Simply, the song is underrated

Download Numerica – Valide (Mp3)

27. Mihney – Touch and Go

Mihney’s second release of 2018 is worth adding on this list

Download Mihney – Touch and Go (Mp3)

28. M-Pro – Gâté

Stevens Music young prince M-Pro’s Gate deserves more views and stream

Download M-Pro – Gate

29. Ambe – La

If “La” failed in 2018 maybe it could hit well in 2019. I think its better than “Vitesse” which had more success. We need to play la on all corners. Issa hit

Download Ambe – La (Mp3)

30. Matilda – Heart Mender

This song has remain my ringtone since its released, Draeboy did justice on the beat and Matilda serve it well with brilliant vocals. Heart mender is Afrosoul for the soul. Enjoy

Download Matilda – Heart Mender (Mp3)

31. Ch!njong X Ch!njong ft Mr Leo – Shayo

Shayo may have been played more than it was viewed. We expected atleast half a million view on youtube. Its a beautiful song

Download Chinjong x Chinjong (Mp3)

32. Ewube – On Mélange

We don’t know why this girl has blown yet, she is arguably the most underrated female artist in Cameroon. Check out on Melange

Download Ewube – On Melange (Mp3)

33. Wams – Jeune Artiste

Download Wams – Jeune Artiste – (Mp3)

34. Power III (Validation) Feat. Magasco, Mimie, Locko, Rythmz

It came in late 2018 and will still be geared in 2019, Enjoy

Download Validation (Mp3)

35. Jovi – Depanner

Download Jovi – Depanner (Mp3)

36. FRANKO – Danse Ta Chose

Franko attempts another comeback with Danse ta chose la. Maybe the song didnt hit much due to the fact that Cameroonians dont focus on enjoying good music. Or you suggest!

Franko – Danse Ta Chose (Mp3)

37. Blaise B – No Tomorrow

Download Blaise B – No Tomorrow

38. FRANKO – Partenaire

If you enjoyed – Coller La Petit then here is another similar thing from the same artist.

Download Franko – Partenaire (Mp3)

39. Chick Nick – Contrôler

From no where to the Afrimmas, Here is the song that took this Cameroonian Diaspora artist to Accra. Enoy

Download Chick Nick – Controler (Mp3)

40. Mel,b Akwen – Bella

One of the fine female voices of Cameroon, Enjoy Bella

Download Mel B Akwen – Bella (Mp3)

41. Tzy Panchak – Love Me

Maybe Tzy Panchak focused so much on promoting Stanley Enow‘s – My Way (in which he features) and forgot about his own personal good music. One of my favorite song of 2018 Enjoy

Download Tzy Panchak – Love Me (Mp3)

42. Awu Feat. Stanley Enow – Sidomina Remix

Can Trace just play this video already, It deserve massive airplay

Download Awu – Sidomina Remix (Mp3)

43. Kt Rap Patron – Tarra

Cameroon’s underground Hip Hop artist KT Patron’s Tarra is a good street Hop anthem. Enjoy

Download KT Rap Patron  – Tarra (Mp3)

Download Kt Rap Patron – Tarra (Mp3)

44. FlyHabit – Mullah

Now here is a really really underrated music from a talented guy. When we listen to the part “la mullah La mullah” in Stanley Enow‘s “My Way“, lets not forget there is a strong Afro-trap song that is gradually gaining grounds in Bonaberi and it will soon hit the street near you. Hip hop Vet Flyhabit’s best released so far. Add this on your playlist, its fire

Download Flyhabit – Mullah (Mp3)

45. Featurist – Tu Es Kindah

Who else thinks Featurist has never done a wack music, we need to consume everything from this duo like we do with P Square. Enjoy

Download Featurist – Tu Es Kindah (Mp3)

46. Realm Squad – C’est La Vie Feat. Fluri Boyz

Though the video was taken down by Wax Dey and Lolhipop Records, the song still has enough juice. Enjoy

Download Realm Squad – C’est La Vie (Mp3)

47. Jahiem C Tiku – Ahjiy

Download Jahiem C Tiku – Ahjiy (Mp3)

48. Daddy Black – Your Love

Listening to this music just remind us on how talented Cameroonians are. Enjoy

Download Daddy Black – Your Love (Mp3)

50. X-Maleya – Dieu Noublie Personne

Download X – Maleya Dieu N’Oublie Personne (Mp3)

51. Kikoh – Mado Featuring Magasco

Another highly underrated music. Kikoh proves that he can be good at making hipLife music. Enjoy

Download Kikoh – Mado (Mp3)

52. Blinko – Snap Moi Tes Lolo

Download Blinko – Snap Moi Tes Lolos (Mp3)

53. Numerica – Validé Remix

Though fans complained Mr. Leo doesn’t fit well in this song, the song still caries its rank up.

Download Numerica – Valide remix (Mp3)

54. Lily Toki – Soldier

Download Lily Toki – Soldier (Mp3)

55. Askia – Mami Bakala

Download Askia – Mami Bakala (Mp3)

56. Shura – Dis Moi Tout

If you are reading this and you are from the Ngemba tribe, my sister just download and Listen. Its for you

Download Shura – Dis Moi Tout (Mp3)

57. Fhish – Coup De Poing

Download Fhish – coup De Poing (Mp3)

58. Abz Ngitolang – On A Regular

Download Abz Ngitolang – On A Regular (Mp3)

59. Vaj – For You

Muitzik Star winner finally showcases her musical talent with – For you. Enjoy

Download Vaj – For You (Mp3)

60. Nernos – Allo L’Argent

This is “that” song that “may” be carried successfully into 2019. Enjoy

Download Nernos – Allo L’argent (Mp3)

61. Z-Tra – Chaubeaudo

Download Z-Tra- chaubeaudo (Mp3)

62. RYTHMZ – Azig Azig

Download Rythmz – Azig Azig (Mp3)

63. Pmartt – Flexin 4 U

Download Pmartt – Flexin 4 U (Mp3)

64. Reniss – On Dit Quoi

Download Reniss – On Dit Quoi (Mp3)

65. Mr Leo – Je Suis A Toi

Download Mr. Leo Je Suis A Toi (Mp3)

66. Melcube – Titulaire Feat. Atem Chris

Download Melcube – Titulaire (Mp3)

67. Salatiel – Comme Ca Feat Daphne

Download Salatiel – Comme Ca (Mp3)

68. Big G Baba – Confusion Feat. General Toxzik

Download Big G Baba – Confusion (Mp3)



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