Report On UJAMS Freestyle Party Season 2

The greatly hyped UJAMS freestyle party of November 30th was a great show as there was a great turnout of about 500 people(better than the first season) at Campus ISMA Bonamoussadi Douala. Performances from artist like Zee JM, Bessong, Fly Habbit, Melcube, DINA, Vaj , Stephane Akam the Afrima nominee, Matilda, Tzy Panchak who appeared from no where as fans were not expecting him but all screamed happily seeing him on stage, Dance hall queen Ewube performed with so much energy… from her performance, one could see passion and talent so much I had to ask myself “Why is she not making waves with all these talent I see in her” well, that was just my thought. Also Dynasty Le Tigre gave in his best , he played the Guitar, Piano and ban perfectly good to enthral the crowd, Blaise B represented as the vocalist that he is, then Salatiel ( High Man General) and finally the king Mr Leo. It was an exciting live performance from all the artist.

Though with all the energy put in by the artist, fans were just sitting like they were having a sermon instead of acting like they in a party….. the only people seen dancing and screaming and from the top of their voices for each artist who had the stage were media persons as they enjoyed the show from start to end. Another issue was time!! A show which was to start at 3:00PM according to the flier, ended up starting at 10:56 PM which caused some guest to leave before the show even started.

Nonetheless, UJAMS freestyle party went on well as we hoping on the next season. More grace to the head behind UJAMS Junior Nvenakeng.

UJAMS had Partners like Santa Lucia, ISMA, MMusic, Canal 2 International, Niki Heat, STV, Nabstar etc.

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